Excel 2002 Encryption Schemes


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    I am creating an Excel file that will be used for a bill of materials for the job I am working on. On every sheet there are two cells... the quantity that is ordered that day, and the quantity that has been ordered overall. I need a formula that will calculate the overall quantity. The problem I am having comes up when a new sheet is added for the new quantity ordered. How do I get that to be included in the summation? I understand that it is simple to add all the A12 cells and put that summation in a certain cell. But, when a new sheet is added, that needs to be included. Below is the simple part... =SUM('Panel (1)'!A12+'Panel (2)'!A12)+'Panel (3)'!A12) But, when sheet Panel (4) is added to the workbook, how do I get is to be included in the overall summation? Does this make sense? Thanks, Ken H
    Hi all Is there a shortcut key that unshares a worksheet ? Regards Patsy Rogge
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    I have a fairly large spreadsheet with tabs for each month of the year. As this has developed over the past couple of years, the number of tabs has grown and I now cannot copy some of the tabs to the end as a template for next month's sheet. Older tabs seem to copy better than newer tabs and I have no hidden worksheets (per article on KnowledgeBase). Any ideas ?
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    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, so sorry if this is a daft question.. Is it possible to autofill dates through worksheets, so that the first date of each week shows in the same cell reference through a workbook? (eg sheet 1 has 1st April in cell c1, sheet 2 has 8th April in cell c1, sheet 3 has 15th April in cell c1...etc). I was hoping I'd be able to select all the tabs throughout a 52-sheet workbook and autofill the dates, but I can't. If autofill isn't an option, is there another way to achieve the same result without typing the first date of each week on every sheet? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this. Cheers!!

Excel 2002 Encryption Schemes

Postby gkamieneski@hotmail.com » Wed, 24 Sep 2008 21:21:48 GMT

In my Excel 2002 I am only seeing 2 encryption schemes under Tools,
Options, Security, Advanced.  I see Weak Encryption (XOR) and Office
97/2000 Compatible.  What do I need to do to configure Excel for the
more robust schemes supposedly available to Excel 2002?  Is this an
Add-in or something?  I require a scheme with 128bit encryption.

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