Strike-through an entire row.


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Strike-through an entire row.

Postby HoundofCullin » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:31:51 GMT

OK... I need to know if there is a way I can strike through the text on
a row by highlighting the row with the defunkt information and
activating a macro.

Let's see if I can give an example.

Say I'm entering data in, row by row... Each row's data is SIMILAR but
not the same. 
Now let's say that apon review I notice that one of the row is
I need to be able to highlight the row (Presumably by selecting the
corresponding number on the left hand side {1,2,3 etc}) then I need to
run a macro (that will eventually be tied to a button) and then be done
the macro would turn the text .RED  and then strike through the
information. Is that even possible? if so... can you help me?!

Thanks a ton, Josh

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Re: Strike-through an entire row.

Postby Earl Kiosterud » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:46:11 GMT


You can select an entire row with Shift-Space too.  The following code will
make the entire row red (that the cell pointer is in).

Sub RedStrike()
    With Selection.EntireRow.Font
      .Strikethrough = True
      .ColorIndex = 3
      End With
End Sub

I did this by recording a macro, then taking out a bunch of stuff and
tweaking it a bit.  You may wish to assign a shortcut to run it quickly from
the keyboard.  Tools - Macro - Macros.  Select the macro, and click Options.
There's a place to put in a shortcut.  I used Shift-R.  It wound up
Ctrl-Shift-R.  The Excel shortcuts don't use Shift, AFAIK.

Earl Kiosterud
mvpearl omitthisword at verizon period net

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"StargateFanFromWork" wrote:

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