hyperlink for the Office-2003 Excel web component


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hyperlink for the Office-2003 Excel web component

Postby ilyam » Sat, 31 Dec 2005 04:22:25 GMT

According to the data posted on Msdn,  Hyperlink address is a path to a
destination such as an object, document, or Web page.
A hyperlink address can be a URL (address to an Internet or intranet
site) or a
UNC network path (address to a file on a local area network).
A hyperlink address may also contain more specific address information
(for example, a database object, Microsoft Word bookmark, or Microsoft
cell range that the address points to).
When you click a hyperlink, your Web browser or Microsoft Access uses
the hyperlink
address to go to the specified destination.

I have created 2 Excel(Office 2003) Spreadsheet Web components in
aTest.htm file( of course with different id's )
and I am trying to "jump" from one cell of the first object to some
sell of the second
one using Hyperlink address as a path - does not work!

Failed Example of using the Hyperlink address to "jump" to another cell
inside the same Excel(Office 2003) Spreadsheet Web component:
<script LANGUAGE="VBScript">
    Dim aHyperlinkObj = Test1Hyperlink2003_Spreadsheet.Range("A3")
        aHyperlinkObj.Value = "GoTo C3 in the same object"
        aHyperlinkObj.Hyperlink.Address = "#" +
aHyperlinkObj.ActiveSheet.Name + "!C3"

Failed Example of using the Hyperlink address to "jump" to a second
Excel(Office 2003) Spreadsheet Web component:

<script LANGUAGE="VBScript">
    Dim aHyperlinkObj = Test1_2003_Spreadsheet.Range("A3")
        aHyperlinkObj.Value = "GoTo C3 in the second object"
        aHyperlinkObj.Hyperlink.Address = "#" +
Test2_2003_Spreadsheet.ActiveSheet.Name + "!C3"
I am looking for a right way to implement this hyperlink for the
Office-2003 Excel web component?



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