Restore clipboard from Task pane clipboard content?



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Restore clipboard from Task pane clipboard content?

Postby tskogstrom » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 19:48:00 GMT


I have code that kill my Excel Clipboard content, but find that it 
still exist in the task pane clipboard. Is there a way to recreate 
Excel clipboard content from this content after I run my code? I guess 
the best way is to recreate it, on every worksheet_change event and on 
leaving the worksheet and leaving the workbook, to be sure without 
walking through all my code to debug and find where clipboard contet 

If this is possible, I guess some code could check if clipboard is 
empty and only if so, recreate it from task pane clipboard.

It should be silently working, without the taskpane popup. Also, I 
don't know if task pane clipboard can be on- and off - in that case we 
need to be assure it is silently on etc.

Can this be arranged, it would be super...

Kind regards

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