vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help



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vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help

Postby UHJhZGhhbg » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 01:55:01 GMT

I am using VLOOKUP() to pull out a column value from a range of data. Here is 
the problem: 
When I use this fn on the same page as the referenced range, it works fine. 
For example, 
=VLOOKUP(L2,A2:I18,5) looks up the value in L2, finds it in the first column 
and returns the 5th column data... BUT

=VLOOKUP(G6,'Master Prep List'!A2:I18,5) where G6 represents a value found 
in the same range on a different worksheet, here Master Prep List,  returns 

This does not seem correct to me, unless I am not using the fn correctly, 
which is always a possibility. I am using Excel 2007,

Any help/insight would be appreciated. 

Re: vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help

Postby Niek Otten » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 02:10:43 GMT

If the second formula is on row 6, it is probably the result of a Copy and 
Paste action. Are you sure that in this formula the range 'Master Prep 
List'!A2:I18 is addressed and not 'Master Prep List'!A6:I22 ?
It is always safer to make the addresses of table absolue (like $A$2:$I$18) 
or, even better, use a defined name.

Another possibility is that there are spaces in either the search argument 
or the table. Or, if one of them was copied from a website or imported from 
another program, other invisible characters.

Anyway, in your case, with the 4th argument omitted, #NA suggests that the 
search argument is smaller than the first item from the table.

Kind regards,

Niek Otten
Microsoft MVP - Excel

Re: vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help

Postby U2VhbiBUaW1tb25z » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 02:48:01 GMT

If I may add, another possibility is that the Master Prep List sheet has an 
#N/A in one of the cells. If so, VLOOKUP will always return #N/A. Remove or 
correct your #N/A from MAster Prep List, and it will work.

Re: vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help

Postby UHJhZGhhbg » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 03:06:00 GMT

Thank you all for your input. I am quite certain the formulas are correct.I 
believe the problem has to do with the fact the 2nd worksheet on which  I am 
using (requiring the referenced range in VLOOKUP) has a pivot table on it. 
There is something about this in the help menu.

Even though I am trying to enter the formula in a field far removed from the 
Pivot table, I get this error anywhere on that worksheet. Is there some way 
to limit what I might call "the effectual" range of the Pivot tabe?

Thanks again,

RE: vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help

Postby fkw » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 03:12:05 GMT

Is the value in G6 in the first column of the range 'Master Prep 
List'!A2:I18?  If not, adjust the range so it is.

Re: vlookup doesn't work consistently (I think), kindly help

Postby U2VhbiBUaW1tb25z » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 04:06:31 GMT

that shouldn't be it. I use VLOOKUP against Pivot Tables on a daily basis.

And you are absolutely sure the value in G6 does appear in column A of 
Master Prep List? If you copy the cell and perform a Find, do you locate the 

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