vlookup doesn't always work in this situation



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vlookup doesn't always work in this situation

Postby VGltIEw » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 04:11:12 GMT

I'm using Access vb to copy an Excel spreadsheet to a new filename, then fill in values from a recordset.  The source .xls has formulas that use vlookup() and match() to find values in a third spreadsheet.  (The values to be looked up and matched are blank until my code fills them in.)

When I open the newly created spreadsheet, I get the msg asking me if I want to refresh the lookups.  If I say NO, then all my formulas containing lookup() and match() work as expected.  If I say YES, then all of them return #NA.  If I say NO then try to edit one of the formulas, that formula turns to text.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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