Pls Help me for install different version office on one computer



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    Hi Dave, First of all, a great thanks to you for helping me numerous times in making my project a successful one. I am about to wrap it already. Just one final favour, this is something that i realized only after the presentation, The code ensures that we must fill in all cells before submitting add to database. But in my input sheet, there are several cells that can be left blank. How do i modify the code to suit my needs? 'cells to copy from Input sheet - some contain formulas myCopy = "D5,D7,D9,D11,D13,D15,D17,D19,D21,D23,D25,D27,D29,D31,D33,D35,D37" With inputWks Set myRng = .Range(myCopy) If Application.CountA(myRng) <> myRng.Cells.Count Then MsgBox "Please fill in all the cells!" Exit Sub End If End With I am sure the answer lies in these two codings. The cells that can be left blank are: D13,D15,D17,D19,D21,D23 I tried several ways but it only returned error in a way that all the values entered after D23 is placed at D13 which was supposed to be blank. Pls help. Thanks a lot. Really wish to settle this and close the project to a great weekend.

Pls Help me for install different version office on one computer

Postby ikki » Fri, 19 Aug 2005 13:04:15 GMT

As I have old version of account software I must keep MSWord 2000 & MSExcel
2000 on my computer.
However,I only get license of standard version of office(without access
I try to install office office XP(with access xp) on my computer.
So I install office xp (choose access xp only) and I keep excel 2000 & word
2000 on the computer.

However I found that I can't use " export" function to excel2000 on access
when I do it so,the computer become hang and no response.and then I can't
open excel again.

Thx help me for doing so

Re: Pls Help me for install different version office on one computer

Postby Tushar Mehta » Fri, 19 Aug 2005 21:36:49 GMT

I don't know if this will help or not, but consider two options:

(1) Reinstall missing components of Office 2000.  Maybe, the export to 
Access requires some component that is currently missing from your 

(2) Install the entire Office XP suite, not just Access.  I have Office 
97, 2000, XP, and 2003 installed on my machine.

Each goes into its own folder: C:\Program files\MS Office\Office 97,  
C:\Program files\MS Office\Office 2000, etc.

The install sequence I use is oldest to newest.


Tushar Mehta
Excel, PowerPoint, and VBA add-ins, tutorials
Custom MS Office productivity solutions

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Re: Pls Help me for install different version office on one computer

Postby » Sat, 20 Aug 2005 11:18:20 GMT

you sure that your accounting software won't work between 2000 and XP?

that's why i use a DATABASE is so that i dont have to rewrite
everything when a single function changes.

DATABASES allow you to grow.

Excel is a disease.

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