Modules in seperate projects



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Modules in seperate projects

Postby |>AoA<| killa » Sun, 13 Jul 2008 02:59:50 GMT

Because multiple projects need the same part of one of the projects i decided 
to make a module out of that part. I made a new flex project and made the 
application a module and moved all the code to the module and the project.

 Now I'm trying to get it into the other projects, but they can't see the 
variables in the module.

Re: Modules in seperate projects

Postby |>AoA<| killa » Sun, 13 Jul 2008 03:09:06 GMT

Ah now i see, I have to include it in the flex build path...
 Sorry then, it was kind of because 
5&threadid=1377650&enterthread=y that I couldnt find it :)

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