Error: No Service is known to Flash Remoting MX.



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Error: No Service is known to Flash Remoting MX.

Postby charlespaz » Fri, 22 Jul 2005 09:06:10 GMT

I'm running an integrated install with ColdFusion 6.1 and Flex 1.5 as

 The samples run fine EXCEPT for Remote-Objects. All calls give the
 same error: No service named ... is known to Flash Remoting MX. I've
 even created a few of my own java classes, tested them with ColdFusion
 using cfobject, and they work, so I know the issue lies with the

 Playing around with ColdFusion 7 on a Windows machine, I found that
 with an integrated installation with CF7, Remote-Objects work! Yet Web
 Services don't.

 Macromedia support just told me follow the steps for a Flex 1.0
 integrated install
 ( http://www.**--****.com/ ),
 which is almost the same except it includes a few filters that don't
 exist with Flex 1.5 (SampleSecurityFilter) so would be pointless to


Re: Error: No Service is known to Flash Remoting MX.

Postby peterent » Sat, 23 Jul 2005 02:04:29 GMT

The problem is that the Flash Remoting gateway in ColdFusion is being trumped 
by the gateway in JRun (which is serving up Flex apps). That gateway does not 
know anything about the CFCs.

 The solution is to remove the flashgateway.ear from the Jrun.xml file in the 
CF server. Just comment the line that reads:
 <attribute name="file">{jrun.home}/lib/flashgateway.ear</attribute>

 This will make the Flash Remoting gateway in CF be the only one running.

 and you should be all set. Restart CF once you make the change.

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Thanks for the tip, however, with a standalone server installation of 
ColdFusion, in the jrun.xml file, the only listing for <attribute name="file"> 
is {jrun.home}/..  and the text flashgateway.ear does not exist in any files 
that Windows or RHEL can find.

 There is, however, a flashgateway.jar file in {cf-root}/lib and 
{cf-root}wwwroot/WEB-INF/lib on both machines, but it is not referred to by 
name in any files within the {cf-root} folder.

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