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InfoPath 2003 SP2 with Outlook Calendar

Postby SmVmZg » Wed, 23 Nov 2005 00:26:02 GMT

I have created a form with InfoPath 2003 SP2 and I want to be able to send it 
as an email and have someone click on a button to either accept the PTO (paid 
time off) or decline the PTO. If they click accept then it goes into the 
manager calendar and if they click decline then an email goes back saying 
declined. Can InfoPath handle this?

RE: InfoPath 2003 SP2 with Outlook Calendar

Postby RnJhbmNrIERhdWNow6k » Wed, 23 Nov 2005 04:51:03 GMT

Hi Jeff,

Yes you can, but you would have to write code for this.
On the Outlook manipulation, you can start there:
You can do a Web Search and you will find a lot of snippets.


Franck Dauch

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