After install SP2 unable to link VS and Infopath

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After install SP2 unable to link VS and Infopath

Postby virgul » Tue, 25 Oct 2005 23:41:19 GMT


I have a strange problem I have two station I have only install the
Office 2003 sp2 in both!(Reboot after)

In one no problem that work great!

In the second I have the following error (translate from french) when I
TRY TO PREVIEW my form (not debug(but same error in debug too)) a form
who have managed code (link to VS (Visual Studio .Net)):

Visual studio does not answer to the command. Close all open dialog
pop-up in Visual studio and try one more time!

And Visual Studio Crash!!!!

Have you any idea about what that can be? What I have try:

Uninstall and re-install infopath
Uninstall and re-install Infopath toolkit
Repair Visual Studio .Net 2003
Repair Office 2003

I have try the Fix from Greg Collins on!

But nothing to do! 




RE: After install SP2 unable to link VS and Infopath

Postby RnJhbmNrIERhdWNow6k » Wed, 26 Oct 2005 00:09:01 GMT

Hi Thierry,

After uninstalling everything from your machine #2, did you:

1.  Run a registry scrubbing utility to clean it really good.
2.  Re-install in that order:

- Office 2003 SP2
- VS 2003
- IP SDK and Toolkit

I know that installing SP2 on top of a working machine (SP1 + VS2003) can 
cause issues until you re-install the PIA on top of the upgrade.

Bonne chance,

Franck Dauch

Re: After install SP2 unable to link VS and Infopath

Postby Virgul » Thu, 24 Nov 2005 00:58:11 GMT

Hi franck,

Nothing to do :

Impossible to uninstall visual studio and office. This sp2 has totally
crash the computer it make 5 minute to start windows and all the
application are slowing up!

So things to do:

format c: /q

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay of my answer!



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