OE6 opens once then wont open unless system is rebooted



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OE6 opens once then wont open unless system is rebooted

Postby marie-paule » Sun, 23 Nov 2003 05:10:14 GMT

OE6 opens once then wont open unless system is rebooted

I've been running Windows XP for a week now, and OE was 
working fine until late this afternoon, when I couldn't 
open it when clicking on the desktop icon. It won't open 
from any location - ie toolbar, programs, etc, unless I 
reboot the system.  No new software has been installed.

I was having this problem on Windows ME as well, and it 
started just as suddenly.

I have Norton Antivirus 2003 Pro running with the highest 
security settings, and immediately after upgrading to XP 
I installed a fresh copy of IE6/OE6, then ran Windows 
Update and applied all critical fixes suggested for my 
system, including IE6/OE6 latest security patches.

Am at a loss and find the problem exceedingly annoying. 
Was thinking of using Outlook XP - but it doesn't seem as 
user-friendly as OE. Perhaps I'm wrong. I have lots of 
seperate folders for classifying my emails and when I 
tried to copy my messages to Outlook, it just lumped them 
all together - actually some were missing ( the msg count 
was lower), and it didn't create the individual folders. 
Is there a way of doing this? Any good references 
available to help set it up and copy from OE? 

Many thanks,


Re: OE6 opens once then wont open unless system is rebooted

Postby PA Bear » Sun, 23 Nov 2003 06:26:01 GMT

OE Won't Even Start
 http://www.**--****.com/ #nostart

OE Maintenance Recommendations
HTH...Please post back to this thread

~Robear Dyer (aka PA Bear)

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Re: OE6 opens once then wont open unless system is rebooted

Postby marie-paule » Sun, 23 Nov 2003 21:22:32 GMT

Thanks, Robear

The info on  http://www.**--****.com/  led me to MS's 
support base and I've decided I should be using Outlook 
to take advantage of all the calendering and integration 
features - the OE workaround is also tricky (using 
regedit) and not worth it in view of what Outlook offers.


marie-paule ;->


seem as

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