Cannot Send Email - Address Book not installed correctly



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  • 2. I can receive my email, but I can not send any email.
    Why can I receive email, by I can not send any email. I get a time out occurred whil communicating with the sever Error Number 0x800CCC19 or I get an unknown error has occurred. Error number 0x800CCC67. Can any one help, try and want to quit.
    I have skybroadband and am trying to use Outlook 6 for emails. I have set up the account in accordance with their instructions. The problem is I can recieve emails by clicking on send/receive. But when I try to send or create a new mail I get following message. 'there was an error opening this message. An error occurred. Can anyone help me
  • 4. Printing incoming messages without all the (group)adresses
    When I receive a message as a member of a large mailgroup all the adresses of group are sent with it. When I print such a message more than half a page is used up for those adresses. Does anyone have an idea how to exclude the adresses from the printing?
  • 5. Message in HTML is not available
    I am trying to view an HTML Email and part of the email has links to whitelist delete or Deliver suspected SPAM. The links that are supposed to be there are not. I am assuming this is due to the fact OE is not seeing this email as an HTML email. I tried to click on the View Menu and Choose "Message in HTML" but the option is not on the view menu. Is there an option somewhere where I need to turn this on? WIN XP SP2 OE6 Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Cannot Send Email - Address Book not installed correctly

Postby PA Bear » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 03:21:21 GMT

Is MS Outlook (or MS Office) also installed?

Do you have this Registry key?...


Is there a DWORD named UseOutlook and is its value set to 1 (one)?

If so, Address Book is configured to share contacts with Outlook, even if
you don't use it (can happen with the install of Office).  Change the value
to 0 (zero), Address Book should be available to you and all should be well.
(If that DWORD is not present, don't create it, and don't alter any other
DWORD values.)

Note that any changes (additions, deletions, edits) made while sharing was
enabled will not be available (displayed) in Address Book when sharing is

cf.  http://www.**--****.com/ #share
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Cannot Send Email - Address Book not installed correctly

Postby Jamie » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 06:06:52 GMT

As above - can receive fine, all else works fine on PC 
(Win98SE) Updates to 6.0 - same thing, uninstalled 6.0 - 
Same thing - Reinstalled - Same thing....  

Any option that involves outbound mail fails with the 
above message, as well as when trying to access the 
Addressbook directly.

Would really like to avoid OS install - any options ?


spamtrap : jcairns at camphealthcare dot com

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