cannot add delete the old contacts in address book



  • 1. msmsgs.exe
    everytime i open outlook express on windows xp, msmsgs.exe opens, even if i have unchecked the "log on to windows messenger" box in tools/options. this is really useless, as i use msn 6.2 and i have no use for 4.7. how do i make this stop?
  • 2. cant send attachments with OE6
    I cant send attachments with OE6. I can attach files fine and it looks like it works, but when I check the sent mail folder or when a recipient receives it the files are 0 byte files which are unusable. What can I do ?
  • 3. Error signatu AppName; msimn.exe AppVer; 6.0.2800.1123 MatName directdb.dll
    Hello I have a user where they have suddenly lost all their Deleted Items, and the delete button was not functioning. Then saw this message: Outlook Express has encountered a problem and needs to close Error Signature AppName; msimn.exe AppVer; 6.0.2800.1123 MatName directdb.dll ModVer 6.0.2800 1123 Offset 00005549 Any ideas? Presumably I need to investigate directdb.dll? Angus Comber XXXX@XXXXX.COM

cannot add delete the old contacts in address book

Postby mark » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:10:15 GMT

can anyone help me to solve this problem? thank you

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Thanks and regards,
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Thanks for your guidance.

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"Candice" wrote:

> When I click on properties for a Contacts list, the option to show that 
> folder as an Outlook email address book is grayed out.  I'm using Outlook 
> Small Business Edition 2003

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