Continually getting Program not responding (OE6 SP2 & IE6 SP2



  • 1. Attachments removed
    We may need to know what mail system each of you use AOL Outlook Express, it sounds to me like you have OE and he has AOL >-----Original Message----- >Attachments are removed from one specific sender. I see >the inbound message bar slowly moving across the screen, >then the attachment is gone. The sender then forwards >the message to another of his addresses and sends it to >me successfully. His are the only attachments blocked. > >No, I don't have the unsafe attachments box checked. >. >
  • 2. OE 6 and Front Page?
    Hi, When I click on certain e-mail messages (don't even have to open them), I have several little windows open saying: "Perparing to install Front Page 2000 SR-1 Another window with the heading Front Page 2000 SR-1 opens stating: The feature you are trying to use is on a CD rom or other removal disk that is not available. Insert the disk Front Page 2000 SR-1 and click ok. I no longer have this disk, so I attempt to close this window by clicking cancel, another little window pops up saying: Error: 1706, no valid sourse could be found for this product (FP 2000 SR-1) the windows installer cannot continue. When I attempt to cancel this window, another warning window pops up stating OE has incurred a serious problem & needs to shut down. I appreciate any help on this problem. I've disabled my Norton antivirus e-mail scanning but it didn't seam to help. Thxs, Jerry -- SGS
  • 3. Stop automatic additions in address book
    How can I prevent an address from being added to the address book when replying to an email? TIA, Dennis
  • 4. Small Page
    Hi For some reason when iopen Internet explorer it opens in a reduced size the same is true for all web pages it is solved by clicking the the box top right. Do any one know how to set it to save as full. Thanks kevin.
  • 5. Spelling Problem Sometimes do not work
    Hi, Sometimes when I'm responding to a message in outlook express the spell checker says all is OK when there are obvious errors. Is there some flag that gets set so Outlook thinks it does not need to spell cheek??? How can I force a fresh spell check?? Austin

Re: Continually getting Program not responding (OE6 SP2 & IE6 SP2

Postby Q2F6cw » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 01:39:22 GMT

HI Bruce

Already been down this route, forgot to say I am running XP Pro SP2

Re: Continually getting Program not responding (OE6 SP2 & IE6 SP2

Postby Q2F6cw » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 01:41:48 GMT

Im on XP Pro sp2 

Will try the event viewer to monitor events - then post when Ive got 
something to report - KR 


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For some unknown reason, since the last update I continually get Program not 
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