Share one Message Store & WAB w/ multiple XP Users - Can't start O



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RE: Share one Message Store & WAB w/ multiple XP Users - Can't start O

Postby R3JheWJhZ3M » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 08:01:04 GMT

Have to disagree with DGuess - Before my PC crashed some time ago (due to a 
virus) I had 4 Users set up on one PC with XP Home.
2 accounts (son & daughters) each only downloaded a single users emails from 
separate addresses with the same ISP (easy enough just create the Users OE 
account with their own email address details)
The other 2 accounts (mine & wife's) each viewed the same inbox and folders 
and emails received/sent were viewable by either User.
Not being technically minded I achieved this through shared files/folders 
and certainly not through the Registry (I wouldnt know where to start). 
Unfortunately I didnt keep a note of how I did it and since reinstalling I 
have been unable to replicate. If anybody has any ideas I'd also like to hear 

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Trying to share one OE Message Store and one Address Book with multiple XP
Users (NOT multiple OE Identities, just one).  Have read MS KnowledgeBase
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Could use advice.


1.        Am Using XP SP1 Home . with 3 User accounts and OE 6, with one OE
Identity (Main Identity).

2.       XP "User A" has access to OE Message Store and WAB fine, after
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3.       XP "User B" could open OE, but didn't see Message folders or WAB.

4.       Then, I "Moved" Message Store from ..Documents and Settings \"User
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Tools  |  Options  |  Maintenance  |  Store Folder. (per MS KB Article Id

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6.        XP "User B" now gets:

 Outlook Express could not be started ... 0x8007000E 5.... then ..
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1.        Need to move WAB to same folder as Message Store?  How?

2.       Want to avoid reinstall of OE6

Thanks in advance,

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screens with our own private folders. I've tried allowing my wife to be
an admin also (she wasn't set up with admin rights in the beginning).
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