Spellcheck, XP,OE6, & Office 97



  • 1. Outgoing email does not go anywhere
    Hi again, I just realized I didn't include enough information in my earlier post. I'm running WinME and have been using Outlook Express for years without any problem. Suddenly last night I was informed that none of my emails were received by anyone. I spent hours on the phone with BellSouth (Internet Provider) who claims Outlook Express is the culprit. The messages never get to their server even though the message goes from my Outbox to my Sent folder. They say my "Mail" settings are correct - I even deleted and added the mail account to start fresh. Yet I can connect and use the Web. Thanks, Janice
  • 2. Printing email and double/or triple spacing?
    Have tried Help and searching web incl. Tomsterdam, and cannot figure out how to print composed email or received messages. Is there a way? You can print a message if it's in your Sent folder, or of course could copy and then paste into Word or WordPad or NotePad. Also cannot figure out way to format to double or tripple space. Could hit enter twice manually but is there a way to format this. Even if you set to format html which is linked to the format toolbar don't see a way set spacing from single to double. TIA, Chad Harris
  • 3. OE6 has error when closed
    This is the code I receive with OE6 when I shut it. I have windows 2000. The instruction at "0x77fcca38" referenced memory at "0x00d14a5c." The memory could not be "written". Any help? Thanks
  • 4. opening DBX files?
    can anyone tell me how to open a DBX file? i inadvertantly changed the path for the OE cleanup files and lost all my saved messages, they are still in the folder i created, but i cant open them! Please help, as ive some important info in there! many thanks, Adam.
  • 5. Please help - loss of old emails after upgrade
    I upgraded my Internet Explorer on my mom's computer and it then upgraded her outlook express without any warning. Now all of her old emails are gone. Her address book is still intact so I don't know why I can't find her emails. Did outlook back them up somewhere or is there a way that I can recover them? I do not know why this happened. Thank you very much. -Tara

Spellcheck, XP,OE6, & Office 97

Postby Tom » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 02:19:00 GMT

What is the fix for getting spellcheck to work in OE6 with 
XP and Office 97Pro?  Get error message that it can not 
fine the spellcheck!!!!!

Re: Spellcheck, XP,OE6, & Office 97

Postby Frank Saunders, MS-MVP » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 03:54:15 GMT

You are probably missing CSAPI3T1.DLL in
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\PROOF

You can expand it from CSAPI3T1.DL_ in the \i386 directory on your WinXP CD.
Go to Start | Run and type this command:

expand x:\i386\CSAPI3T1.DL_  C:\CSAPI3T1.DLL

Where X: is your CD drive.  Then move it from the root directory of C: to
the PROOF folder.  Some people also have to put it in the Outlook Express
program folder.

See also:
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Frank Saunders, MS-MVP, IE/OE
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Spellcheck, XP,OE6, & Office 97

Postby Enrico » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:40:30 GMT

noticed it gets wiped out when I try to post it here?

one more try;  http//www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?

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