Why am I one of the few - I never ever receive any Spam



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Why am I one of the few - I never ever receive any Spam

Postby CajunClickers » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 06:04:09 GMT

Why am I one of the few who has my  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  set to
'exclusive' and I never ever receive any Spam?

Why are you receiving SPAM and you do not have your hotmail.com set to

Re: Why am I one of the few - I never ever receive any Spam

Postby _Vanguard_ » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 06:43:34 GMT

Hotmail uses the Brightmail spam filter product.  That is only 
applicable if you select one of the non-exclusive modes since the 
exclusive mode doesn't need to employ any filter technology as the only 
algorithm needed is to compare the sender against those listed in your 
address book.

Obviously Hotmail in exclusive mode means that the only e-mails you will 
receive (well, those that remain in your Inbox) are from senders listed 
in your address book.  That means everyone else with whom you correspond 
will have their messages deleted or shoved into the bulk folder, which 
includes confirmation e-mails when you register to use a site that 
contain a URL link you need to click to complete the registration, a 
copy of your purchase billing from an online vendor, a newsletter to 
which you subscribe, and so on.  Rather than using exclusive mode, you 
could just require that a passcode string be included in the Subject 
header.  If the passcode is absent then a filter rule deletes the 
message or moves it somewhere else.  Then you don't need to keep 
updating your address book, especially for one-time senders.

Exclusive mode privatizes your mailbox making it of little use for 
general communications.  Exclusive mode doesn't remove spam.  It removes 
ALL messages from UNKNOWN SENDERS!  It requires active management of 
your address book.  It requires you to define whitelist rules for 
senders that you don't want to include in your address book, like 
accepting all e-mails originating (or claiming to originate) from your 
company's domain, like from your coworkers, rather than listing every 
employee there in your address book.  Exclusive mode is a severe choice 
for restricting what messages remain in your Inbox.  Rather than just 
controlling spam, you choose to hide from most everyone.

If that's how you want to use your Hotmail account, go for it (i.e., go 
hide).  A better tactic would be to use a non-dictionary username, like 
 XXXX@XXXXX.COM , which also won't get caught by spammer's name 
generators, and also make sure you don't divulge your e-mail address to 
everyone that wants it.  You being sloppy in defining your username, 
using a weak password, and spraying it out everywhere is your fault.

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