BCM database on SQL Server 2000



  • 1. Can I link a single project to multiple accounts / business contac
    I am reviewing BCM 2007 to see if it will meet our needs. We are attempting to create a system that will allow us to track our accounts, contacts, projects (in the sales department) and opportunities. Everything seems to work well, except one major problem. It appears that I cannot link a project or opportunity to multiple accounts& business contacts. I can add "Related accounts & business contacts" to a business project, but this does not show up in the history of the accounts or business contacts that I've added. The history will only show up if it is linked, and best I can tell, you can only link one business project to one account / business contact. Am I missing something? Is there a workaround to this? If this is in fact the case, THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED IN FUTURE RELEASES. If I can't find a workaround, we will not be able to use BCM.
  • 2. Install SQL on a remote server for 2003?
    Hello, I have Outlook 2003 installed. I'd like to try using BCM in our location, but I don't want to install SQL on my machine. We would be sharing contacts. Is it possible to use a remote server/SQL db? I'd rather not have everyone hit my machine for the DB. Thanks!
  • 3. Cusotmize by adding fields for "Last Activity" and "Future Activit
    From a sales management perspective whether it is a view of "Account", "Business Contact", "Opportunity" that you view summaries of, you need to see "Last Activity" (whether it is a past Task Completed Date or a Past Appointment Date) and "Future Activity" (whether it is a Future Task Completed Date or a Future Appointment Date). The same holds true for "Reports" of "Account", "Business Contact", "Opportunity" as well as "Activity" Please provide instructions on how to customize both the "Views" and the "Reports" to enable those past and future dates for completed Tasks, and Calendar Appointments related to the accounts and contacts.
  • 4. Business Contacts: attention required, Sync fails
    Please HELP!! I have searched high and low for a solution to this but to no avail. I am running Vista Home Pre with Office 2007 w/ BCM. I had been able to synce to my i730 WM5 in the past with no problems. I bought a new HCT TouchPro WM6.1. I installed the Contact Manager for PocketPC, (as this is a touch screen device) and when I went to sync my BCM it errors out with "Business Contacts: attention required" that is it no more info. Now it also happening when I try to sync my WM5 device just for testing. This is to an offline_DB on my laptop the live DB is in the office.
  • 5. Printing Specific Report w/User Defined Fields
    how do i print out a modified report using the custom columns? I have accounts set up. (We're a landscape architecture firm). I've set up various user defined fileds to indicate which type of business each account is (architect, engineer, planner, etc.) i realize you can do this in the "area of interest" box, but there are far too many to list and some firms fall under several categories. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but as a trial, i went into a couple of my accounts who i know are architects. at the top of the screen, i went to the "show" menu, clicked on user defined fields, and then put an "x" next to the Architect field. Now i want to print out a report which would include only architects. I cilick on reports, accounts, by category, and then when i go to print out the report, under "modify report", custom columns and click the box "architect". This pulls together a list of ALL the accounts with a check mark next to all the architects. however, the $64,000 question is: is there a way to print up ONLY the architects under this report using the user defined fields? i know that's the long winded version of asking that question but if you have any info that would be greatly appreciate. Thanks so much! -- TNG

BCM database on SQL Server 2000

Postby QWxhbiBNaWxsZXI » Sat, 05 May 2007 23:37:01 GMT

Hello. We are investigating using BCM for some of our sales people. We would 
like to have the BCM database setup on our existing SQL Server 2000. When I 
setup the BCM client (Outlook 2007 with BCM) it asks if I want to connect to 
an existing database, which can be on another computer, but there is no 
option to create the database on a remote server. Is this possible? If so, 
can someone point me to documentation on this?

Re: BCM database on SQL Server 2000

Postby Luther » Wed, 09 May 2007 03:29:27 GMT

On May 4, 7:37 am, Alan Miller <Alan  XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Have a look at this:

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Greetings to all


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Hello everybody, i have som questions about the migrations of BCMs databse 
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2. I have contacted the Microsoft support and the limitations of the MSDE 
databse is 5 users and a BCM databse can be 2 GB big. If you migrate the BCM 
databse to a SQL server 2000, does the limitations disappears?

3. Can you use the BCM database in some sort of "offline" status, so you 
will be able to use the BCM database when you open Outlook 2003 outside of 
the office, example when you are home. When i do this now, is says it cant 
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4.Can BCM database be installed on a standard SQL Server


I am new to BCM, so my question may be a little be basic.

I am IT Manager for a mid-size company.  Couple of weeks ago, we moved
a desktop machine from a room to another and discovered, out of a
sudden, that people in the sales departement were not able to access
their BCM anymore.  We then understood that someone had instal the
software on this inapporpriate machine.

So last week, we decided to move BCM on one of our servers.  I first
tought that BCM was a standard client-server software, the SQL
database acting as the server part.  When I took a deeper look at the
desktop where the central database is located, I found that only a
small package of SQL Server was installed.

My questions are :

1. Is BCM a standard clients-server application (outlook = clients and
SQL = server) or a peer-to-peer application made of many outlook
instances ?
2. Can I install BCM database on a SQL Server instance and have this
instance deliver data to outlook clients
3. If so, do I need to install BCM on the "server" machine or can I
just mount the BCM database on the SQL Server?

Thank you for your help,

5.BCM Database on central SQL server?

Hi! Our company runs SBS2003 server, clients have Office 2007 SB, includes 
also BCM.
I wanted to have a centralized database on our server as client computers 
are either not always on or are not present (notebooks) to share the DB. 
Besides, do not want to waste one Office license to run BCM "server" on one 
additional station.
I have found the "Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool" 
provided by MS as free download. Promises to create a centralized database on 
servers where Outlook/BCM are not installed. I have also installed "SQL 2005 
Express SP2" on my SBS2003 and made sure my .NET environment is more recent 
then requested by the "Database Tool" installation program. It is 3.5 SP1 now.
After running the "Database Tools" and creating the database I also added 
On client computers however attempts to connect to the database remain 
unsuccessful. The Wizard claims there was no valid BCM database present on 
the selected server.
Have tried to work around by simply detaching the database created on one of 
client's PCs and moving it to SBS2003 server and manually attaching it there.
Suddenly the BCM DB Wizard on client computer found it but not even the 
creator could manage the database (like change client permission list, like 
who can connect and who not). Even if result was not useful, it has proven 
the SQL2005Xpress server to be visible and properly configured?
As it appears, the "Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool" 
does not create a database, that would be recognized by my version of BCM as 
a valid database.
Is there any workaround? Update? Fix? Pls help!

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