BCM Crashes Outlook



  • 1. Contacts View
    I need to add the Account name to a view of Contacts, but can't find it listed as a field. Anyone know where I find it? Thanks.
  • 2. Advanced filter "value field" not available
    We are using BCM release 3.00.5028.00 for Office Outlook 2007 in Italian language. When we choose to build a Search Folder and tab to Advanced, the field which should contain matching values is missing! The only possibility in order to filter is to use empty or not emtpy because those operators do not need any input in that field. Does anybody has an answer??
  • 3. Using SQL backend
    Is anyone using a existing SQL database as the backend database. We have an existing application that utilizes a SQL database, and I was wondering if anyone has configured their BCM application to point to an existing database, instead of creating a new database.
  • 4. Assigned To / Initiated By
    Still trying to get the foundations in place for a really solid database. When setting up a new Account I see fields for 'Assigned To' and 'Initiated by'. Can anyone explain the difference between the two. If I wanted to allocate an Account to a salesman, which one would I be better off using? Or am I better of using a Category? If it helps to have more information, things I may want to do at a later date are: pull off reports by Salesman, move individual Accounts to another Salesman, update a Salesman's name (for example if one leaves and his area is replace en masse by a new Salesman), or view all Accounts for one particular Salesman. Thanks for any advice.
  • 5. Is it possible to link BCM contacts to each other in BCM Outlook 2
    Is it possible to link one or more contacts to another contact in Business Contact Manager in Outlook 2007?

BCM Crashes Outlook

Postby Sm9obiBCYWlsZXk » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 08:45:27 GMT

I have tried to use Business Contact Manager, but any time I set up a file 
(through the Outlook Profile Manager) Outlook will not come up.  If I remove 
the BCM database from the profile it works.  I have heard numerous people 
post that they have this error with Outlook continuously crashing after 
installing BCM, but I haven't found any posted solutions.

I have Small Business Accounting, Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 
installed.  I have service pack 2 for SBA and BCM installed.

Does anyone know what causes this and how to get this product to work?

Re: BCM Crashes Outlook

Postby Luther » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 23:09:05 GMT

Given that this release is brand new, and that people are showing up
here to complain about the same problem you have, you should go
straight to Microsoft and tell them they have a problem with this

Re: BCM Crashes Outlook

Postby Sm9obiBCYWlsZXk » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 23:20:27 GMT

Actually, I found out there are two different versions.  The CD I had was for 
version 1 which does not work certain other applications.  I downloaded and 
installed version 2 last night, and it is working fine so far.

Thanks for the reply.

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