Outlook BCM database should be able to be installed on SBS 2003



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Outlook BCM database should be able to be installed on SBS 2003

Postby Q2hyaXMgU3dpbm5leQ » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 02:20:02 GMT

It is a shame that the storing the database on a central server machine like 
SBS 2003 is not supported. MSDE and SQL 2005 are both used by SBS so it 
would make sense to utilise them and for any number of other reasons 
(availability, backup, remote access etc). CRM 3.0 is just to overkill for a 
lot of small companies both in terms of features and cost. Most of them want 
a simple two tier contacting system (Company --> Contact) and to be able to 
link incoming AND outgoing emails to those contacts - basically what BCM 

We had achieved something like though some reworking of Randy Bryne's 
"Building Application with Outlook" that used Public Folders. This has worked 
successfully for us and other client for some time, unfortunatly new version 
of Exchange and Outlook have broken it and I do not have the time to re-code.


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Re: Outlook BCM database should be able to be installed on SBS 2003

Postby soeyken » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:07:39 GMT


I agree with you, we are currently running it on a Windows 2003 Server,
but that also is not officialy supported.

Chris Swinney schreef:

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