Cannot see BCM database in SQL Server Management Studio



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    We currently use a 2 user version of ACT! 2007 and Quickbooks 2004, with Outlook 2003 for email. It's not ideal because ACT! and QB are not integrated so there is duplication, and synchronisation of ACT with Outlook is not that straightforward. I am considering installing SBS2007 with Outlook BCM 2007 and MS Accounting. Has anyone here experience of switching? I would like to know what the pros and cons are. TIA Andrew

Cannot see BCM database in SQL Server Management Studio

Postby Um95IEI » Mon, 08 Sep 2008 08:57:01 GMT

I'd like to see the database structure of my personal BCM in the studio 
manager for SQL Server but cannot. I refuses to even attach it even though I 
am administrator on the box. 

Re: Cannot see BCM database in SQL Server Management Studio

Postby Luther » Thu, 11 Sep 2008 02:43:03 GMT

Have you tried including the port number?


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