how sort business contacts pane in Accounts in Business Contac



  • 1. Unhandled exception error when trying to create a new account
    When I try to create a new account in BCM, I am able to fill in all the info until I have ask to create a new account. At that point it asks me to save and then repeats this process over and over. I reinstalled BCM all my prior contacts are there I just cannot add any new ones and after this happens I cannot send email in outlook at the New button is no longer highlighted or available. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Dewey
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    Hi My wife is starting up an employment agency that sells both contract based skills and also does permanant placements. Agency software is expensive and overkill for a start-up What we need is simple - The ability to keep Customer Accounts and contacts - The ability to keep details of applicants (including their CVs) - The ability to keep opportunities (i.e. where a Customer Account has a requirement) - Leads and the requirements of the Job position (also known as vacancies) - The ability to assign skills to an applicant - The ability to match Applicants to Opportunities (does not need to be automated) - And the usual lead tracking stuff Nice to haves - Need others to be able to access the database (pref also to enter data) - The ability to automatically publish Oportunities (Vacancies) on the Web They key attribute I cannot figure out is - Whether one can store the details of products in this case it will be people with skills) 0 And the ability to match these applcants a vacancy Please can someone advise me Thanks
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    I wonder if it is possible to have a contact (or account) attribute where it is stored the date of the last item of the communication history folder. This would be useful to order contacts by date of the last hit. giampaolo
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    Hello, I have bought office 2007 small business in french. I do not find a french verison of bcm and I pay for that soft !!!!! What can i do ? Thank you veyr much for your help, Regards, Chris
  • 5. Trying to upgrade to BCM 2007
    In trying to upgrade to Office 2007, I was removing BCM 2006. its now 1/2 installed. When I use Add/Remove I get the error his patch package can not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. How do I get rid of BCM 2006 fully??

RE: how sort business contacts pane in Accounts in Business Contac

Postby UkFG » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 21:50:03 GMT

Thanks, SSinha, but still have a problem with sorting the Business Contacts 
pane within a given Account.  Each of the labels of the 3 columns (File As, 
Business Phone, Business Fax) can be clicked (they indent as is typical when 
sorting columns), but there is no change in the order.  Same if double-click. 
 If it helps any, I am running MS Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact 
Manager SP1 (version: 1.00.2002.08) and regularly check for updates at MS.

Thanks again.  RAF

RE: how sort business contacts pane in Accounts in Business Contac

Postby UkFG » Mon, 26 Sep 2005 05:22:01 GMT


Thanks again for your response.  After further investigation, I found that 
issues in version 1.00...  have been addressed in v2.  (Interesting my new 
Dell Inspiron 6000 came with outdated version.  MS update did not notice that 
the new " Microsoft...Business Contact Manager Update" was not present.  
After it was installed, all is well.


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