Reversing the disaster: How to getting BCM data exported back



  • 1. How do I activate Business Contact Manager in Outlook?
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  • 3. Updating business contacts when account details are changed?
    I'm adding in company accounts first, and then creating individual accounts for the contacts at those companies. However, if I make a change to the company account (address), each of the linked contacts don't update their details. I have to individually go into each business contact and update their details too. Is there a simpler way to do this, particularly when it comes to addresses or URLs? Thanks, -Kevin.
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  • 5. Can I add a reoccurring reminder to my contacts?
    I'd like to set a reminder on my contacts so every 2 months I'm reminded that I need to get in touch again. Is there a way to do that or do I manually have to set each reminder? If I can do a reoccurring reminder, is it possible for it to reset if it detects that an e-mail was sent to/from that contact in the history? Thanks, -Kevin.

Reversing the disaster: How to getting BCM data exported back

Postby UkVBTElTVElD » Tue, 13 Mar 2007 06:07:03 GMT

Anyone who know if there are any way of exporting or converting BCM data into 
other CRMs? 

BCM 2003 has been a disaster solution since it does not allow us to send 
blind email copies through MS-outlook to the different groups created in BCM, 
effectively making BCM useless to send out newsletters to the groups.

Alternative 1:) ....any MS people where that know if this no. 1 missing 
feature will be available in 2003?  Or in 2007?

Alternative 2:) If we must start all over again rebuilding our data in a new 
program, which CRM should we go for that allow us to send "blind copy" 
newsletters to groups of contacts?
"There is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers"

Re: Reversing the disaster: How to getting BCM data exported back

Postby mrtimpeterson via » Tue, 13 Mar 2007 14:59:51 GMT


Check out an Outlook centric alternative to BCM here at:
They have a very nice group email wizard that allows you to send blind emails
to groups with each addressed as if it were only 1 addressee.

Best wishes,


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You can simply drag & drop the contacts in the navigaion pane. Use the
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Most of the fields from the BCM and Outlook are the same. There are
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Best Regards

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