windows mobile phone not recognize business contact from bcm



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windows mobile phone not recognize business contact from bcm

Postby Q2hhcmxpZQ » Fri, 07 Aug 2009 05:35:01 GMT

I synchronize my Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2007 BCM between my computer and 
mobile phone (Treo 700 WX).  I have no Outlook contacts, only contacts in BCM 
(that way I have a single SQL database with all information further 
integrated with Microsoft Accounting Professional).  When the phone rings, it 
will not identify the caller.  Is there a setting in windows mobile that will 
allow the phone to recognize contacts from business contact manager that are 
synchronized on the phone?

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a) None of the contacts are available using the normal dialling methods on 
my phone (e.g. by opening the pone dialler and starting to type the persons 
name). Instead I have to start the "Business Contacts" application on the 
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b) If i get a call from one of my busness contacts, their name is not 
displayed on the phone to identify the caller. I therefore cannot easily 
identify missed calls as being from my business contacts, or screen out calls 
that I know i can get back to later.

Both of these points make the synchronized data pretty useless in that it is 
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