Upgrade OL 2007 BCM to OL 2010 BCM Beta



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    When writing a email in Outlook and looking up addresses with "TO" why will not contacts in Business Contact Mgr come up? Addresses in Contacts and Address Book are available. Why are Business Contacts not avialable as in Outlook 2003 and Business Contact Mgr?
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    when you lookup email addresses in OUTLOOK 2007 it shows addresses in Contacts and Address Book, but not business contacts?
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    I've created a new field on my Business Contacts Form (under New Group 1) and I want to move the field to a position just under the Company Name field. Help says, in theManage User Defined Fields dialogue box, "To change the order of these fields, select the group or field you want to move, and then click the Move Up or the Move Down button. " When I select my new field, my Move Up and Move Down buttons are greyed out. How do I move this field to where I want it? Thanks!
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    Is there a way to customize the Opportunity Title field in Contact Mgr?
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    Hi I am new to Outlook 2007, and to the Business Manager element of it. I wondered if anyone knew if it is possible to have 2 Business Contact Manager folders running, one for contacts with e-mail addresses and one for those without, and if so how to set them up? When I need to do a mass mail to our contacts this would be a great help. Thanks in advance for those who take the time to assist me. -- Sue

Upgrade OL 2007 BCM to OL 2010 BCM Beta

Postby dGNtaA » Sun, 06 Dec 2009 07:54:01 GMT

I am in a real bind.  I loaded Office Pro Plus 2010 (Beta) which installed 
fine and running well.  My problem is trying to load in BCM.  I have 
attempted at 8 times and nothing...I have sent frowns to support and to the 
blog but I have not received a response.

The reason I am in a bind - as a condition of upgrade the OL BCM 2010 
installation deletes 2007 BCM.  I can't get 2010 installed and I don't know 
that I can reinstall 2007 BCM which I don't really want to, because I am 
anxious to work with 2010 because of all the new features.  In fact I was 
briefy with another CRM software, however, when I saw all the new features of 
2010 I thought I would go back.

This has not been a pleasant experience because it appears the BCM Team is 
responding to others but not my requests for assistance.

If you can suggest how I can get this issue resolved I would be greatly 
appreciative.  I do not have access to my data and it is hurting my 

Thanks for listening and I hope to God I can get someone to help!


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