Marketing campaign with Publisher + BCM



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Marketing campaign with Publisher + BCM

Postby SnVsZW4 » Wed, 28 Apr 2010 05:17:01 GMT

Dear all,

I am trying to use Microsoft Outlook with BCM 2.007 together with Publisher 
2007 to make a marketing campaign. I have created a *.pub file that I want to 
send to some customers. I make the next steps:

1.- On BCM New Marketing campaign.
2.- I select the receptors (customers) where I want to send the mailing.
3- I select combine with Publisher and select the desired file.
4.- When I click on start campaign the *.pub opens and I have to select 
again the receptors to write the wellcome line ?. Is it not possible to use 
what I already selected on BCM. This is not very confortable...

And second problem, the mails are sent correctly but on the BCM the 
Marketing campaign appears like "don't executed". The problem is that like 
this I can't follow the marketing campaign...

I don't understand it, I think that I have to be making something wrong but 
I don't know where I fail.

Any ideas will be wellcome.



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