Missing contacts and Opportunities in BCM 2010 Shared database



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Missing contacts and Opportunities in BCM 2010 Shared database

Postby UnVzc2VsbCBSZWlk » Sat, 05 Jun 2010 06:19:43 GMT

We have the RTM of BCM 2010 installed and are using a shared database located 
on a SQL server.  Up until yesterday the database functioned fine, all users 
had no issues with seeing contacts, opportunities, accounts etc.  Today, all 
users are missing some contacts, and about half of the opportunities.  I have 
logged into the SQL server using Management Studio and have opened the tables 
and all of the data is still in the database.  None of it is listed in the 
deleted tables. But the records wont all show in BCM on the client.  I have 
tried both with offline enabled and with it turned off.  Still missing.  I 
can not see any rhyme or reason to the disappearances.  

I originally set this shared database up manually since the BCM admin tool 
wasn't available.  Yesterday, it became available and  i downloaded and 
installed it on the server.  Just to check functionality, i ran the tool, but 
made no permission changes at all to the database.  I thought that this may 
be the problem, so i restored the database from the backup that we ran 
tuesday night.  No go, the contacts and opportunities still do not show up in 
the clients.  But the data is present in the tables.  Any one have any ideas?
Russell Reid

RE: Missing contacts and Opportunities in BCM 2010 Shared database

Postby SG9uZG8 » Sat, 05 Jun 2010 07:36:39 GMT


In the BCM windows missing data, have a look in the lower left hand corner 
for the words "Filter Applied". If it is there, click it and select "Clear 
All". For me this refreshes the screen and displays the latest data. Hope 
this helps.


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