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  • 1. Business Contact Manager Outlook 2007 could not complete action
    Im getting an error when I switch between my favourite folders or when I search for a contact in my contact folder an error message "Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not complete your last action or actions. Please try again." It seems to happen only after I've started Outlook 2007 and search for a contact and then move between my folders or when I start using the BCM folders and then move between my other folders not BCM related. I have to select OK to remove the error but then if I try to go to another folder the error message pops up again. Any ideas of how to fix it?
  • 2. bcm 2003 does not reconize its data bases
    On Mar 9, 6:27 am, Seymour < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > I needed to do a complete reinstall of XP (sp2...), Outlook 2003 and BCM. > Unfortunately BCM does not recognize the data bases it created previously. > > Sugeestions on how I can encourage BCM to see the light or > what commands can i use to see the meta data for these data bases. > I have not changed user id, and the db's are in the folder expected by BCM.. > > Help !! Unlike BCM 2007, earlier versions would not automatically attach the database files to the BCM sql server instance. So you will need to attach them yourself and then the databases will show up in BCM. If you don't know how to attach databases, the steps have been explained before in this newsgroup.
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  • 4. When I go to open an opportnity in BCM 2003 outlooks shuts down
    The opportunity dialogue box opens in BCM 2003 and then I recieve the MS encountered a problem and must close. Any one have any suggestions? -- Bo
  • 5. updating a BCM Contact from imported list
    Once contacts are in BCM07, can other files be imported that will update not duplicate these contacts? e.g. Only names and addresses are in BCM. A .csv file contacts, a list of spouses, birthday, etc. The new list will update those fields in the contact record. Thanks

Importing/Customizing BCM forms

Postby RXZlcmdyZWVu » Fri, 07 Jan 2005 12:37:02 GMT

I am changing from an older version of ACT and have been trying to import my 
contacts.  The fields that are available are of little use to me.  Is there a 
way to customize the fields that I have to map my current data to?

RE: Importing/Customizing BCM forms

Postby U1Npbmhh » Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:17:07 GMT

Thankyou for choosing Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003

BCM does not support customization of the forms.
Hence even if the BCM forms (Business Contacts or Accounts or Opportunities) 
were customized (new fields added or changed), they would not available for 
use on the BCM data.
The customization is anyways on the wish-list for future versions of BCM.

Business Contact Manager Team

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