BCM does not link emails where display name is not email address



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BCM does not link emails where display name is not email address

Postby Tm9ybWFuIE1hcnNoYWxs » Fri, 07 Jan 2005 23:57:03 GMT

I noticed that on one of my accounts emails to one of the conttacts were not 
being picked up by BCM. I tried relinking - did not work - though I could 
manually link fine. The only difference I could notice was that this 
contact's email address was in the format [Jane Doe] XXXX@XXXXX.COM  (not 
sure if I have got the brackets exactly right there but Outlook was splitting 
the address into a display name (Jane Doe) and an email address). When I 
changed this back to just the email address, no display name, and relinked, 
it worked fine.

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