Outlook 2003 BCM--Update Lets BCM & SBS 2003 Work *Together*



  • 1. BCM Requires Administrative Privillages
    Hello everyone, Thankful for everyone who's active here, have already goten a lot of help. I've successfully set up BCM on a Win2003Server and have 4 clients with XP SP2. Updated and a shared database created on the server with all users added. On problem left, When I give the clients administrative privileges everything works fine. But when I remove the privileges users get a message saying "The Database For Business Contact Manager could not be read", "Login failed for user MYDOMAIN\MYUSER". (Roughly translated, using Swedish OS). Tried adding a BCMUser group and adding the users on multiple placed, didn't help.. Anyone got any ideas? Many thanks, Regards Ludvig Thunman
  • 2. Service Pack 3 Update for BCM & SBA
    In starting up SBA today, I installed the new Service Pack. After installation, I lost the SQL connection for both SBA and BCM in Outlook. Anyone know how to reconnect? The message I am getting from Outlook is that the database cannot be accessed. I cannot even set up a new database in Outlook or create a new company in SBA...help!
  • 3. Business Contact Manager and Exchange
    I work for a large college and we have Outlook 2003 on all our workstations for handling our e-mail etc. We use exchange for all our e-mail needs. We have all POP3 etc blocked at our firewall. We have licenses for Business Contact Manager but are currently not using it. I have heard rumors that it can not be used with Exchange or that it will have some significant limits. Can anyone tell me if any of this is true? Or can I just install it and go about using it per the documentation. Is there anything I or our Exchange administrators need to do or know about before/after we install it? Does it matter which version of Exchange we are using? I think we are on version 2000 or 2003. I am not sure at the moment as that is not my department and I am still new to this organization and to Business Contact Manager. Thanks for any info on the setup and use of Business Contact Manager with Exchange that anyone can give me. Ralph Malph
  • 4. Looking to talk with someone that uses MS Business Contact Mngr?
    I'd like to hear from anyone with experience in using/installing Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager with an Exchange Server (SMTP email) and Citrix? We'd like to start using this at our office but are running into difficulties and need to ask some questions. Thanks, Sean
  • 5. how 2 setup a Distribution List in Outlooks Business Contact M
    Ah ha, I see now. The Distribution Lists are always setup or saved in the Contacts List, BUT once you create the Dist.List you can pull contacts into it from either list by just selecting that list in the upper right. Seems stupid they don't allow you to setup a Dist. List in Bus.Contact Mgr as well, but at least this will work. Thanks, JC "Luther" wrote: > I can create a DL in Contacts, open it, and then select Accounts and > Business Contacts and add them to the DL. At least it works in v2Beta2. > I don't have a machine with BCM v2 here. > > JC wrote: > > I know how to setup a Distribution List for the regular Contact List, but > > there's no option to set it up for the Business Contact Mgr list of contacts. > > How do I do this? > > I don't want to have to always mail just to groups in my Contact List. > >

Re: Outlook 2003 BCM--Update Lets BCM & SBS 2003 Work *Together*

Postby Chad Harris » Tue, 07 Sep 2004 18:24:06 GMT


It gets a little bit confusing--partly because of product names.  *If you 
have a way to purchase Business Contact Manager through one of the two 
Office editions that offer it,* then they do offer an update that allows 
Outlook with BCM to work *with* Windows Small Business Server 2003 here.  I 
didn't know you needed one, but now I do and it's here:

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 Update: Windows Small Business 
Server 2003

"With this update you can use Windows Small Business Server 2003 and 
Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 together."

These additional links may be helpful to you:

Slipstick: Outlook 2003 and BCM FAQ

Technet Chat on BCM

Chad Harris

Is there any path to upgrade from Outlook 2003 (that came with SBS 2003
Premium) to Outlook 2003 with Business Contact manager ? 

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