how to map existing bcm fields to user created fields in the form



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    Ah ha, I see now. The Distribution Lists are always setup or saved in the Contacts List, BUT once you create the Dist.List you can pull contacts into it from either list by just selecting that list in the upper right. Seems stupid they don't allow you to setup a Dist. List in Bus.Contact Mgr as well, but at least this will work. Thanks, JC "Luther" wrote: > I can create a DL in Contacts, open it, and then select Accounts and > Business Contacts and add them to the DL. At least it works in v2Beta2. > I don't have a machine with BCM v2 here. > > JC wrote: > > I know how to setup a Distribution List for the regular Contact List, but > > there's no option to set it up for the Business Contact Mgr list of contacts. > > How do I do this? > > I don't want to have to always mail just to groups in my Contact List. > >

how to map existing bcm fields to user created fields in the form

Postby ZGVzZXJ0ZmlsbQ » Sun, 26 Jul 2009 20:16:01 GMT

i would like to know how to link existing (default) fields in business 
contact manager to new user created fields in the form editor. to help 
explain what it is that i am trying to do.........i want to create a form 
that has only the fields on it that i want to work with which will include 
newly created data fields as well as already existing fields eg name, 
address, email etc so that the form is not cluttered with many other default 
fields that I never use. I would also like to know how to put paragraphs of 
text onto the newly created form in the form editor. or if it is even 

thanks in advance

Angus Farquharson 

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