Office 2007 BCM Marketing Campaign Filter not displaying names



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Office 2007 BCM Marketing Campaign Filter not displaying names

Postby d29sZmtldHRsZXI » Sun, 06 Sep 2009 16:53:02 GMT

Perhaps someone can help with this: I am trying to create a marketing 
campaign in Outlook BCM 2007. I am experiencing three problems:

1. In the new campaign box, under (2) Who will see it, the options for 
"already created" and "other" are greyed out.

2. New campaign box, "review and filter", simple filter all options checked, 
under "advanced filter" all options are greyed out.

3. New campaign box, "review results" - this is the really big and very 
weird problem - I can see that a list of results is created, the tickboxes 
are ticked but no names are displayed - there is just a white space. If I 
double click on any of the rows, the record is displayed correctly. 
Even if I type a name in the search box on this page, the correct record is 
found but the name does not display in the preview box on the "review 
results" tab.

I'd be very grateful for any ideas.


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