Choosing Account type - Customer or Vendor



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Choosing Account type - Customer or Vendor

Postby TS4gdmFuIERvcnA » Sun, 22 Apr 2007 17:44:02 GMT

I just installed Accounting Express 2007 and integrated this with BCM. All 
accounts are imported as Customers though, I would like to be able to make 
certain accounts vendors. 

Is there any way to do this in BCM, or otherwise in SBA after the accounts 
are imported?

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2) a Contacts folder for client and vendor contact information

Items in the second folder could be linked as appropriate to items in the 
first folder.

In its current state, the Access database serves 2 primary functions: 1) to 
maintain client account information and allow for simple reporting (total 
revenue per line of business, etc.); 2) to maintain client and vendor contact 

Given these 2 basic functions, BCM seemed like overkill. Furthermore, it 
would seem Outlook 2003 could easily handle these functions. Again, I would 
appreciate any help by way of insight as to advantages or disadvantages, as 
well as any examples of similar, simple implementation of a client 
account/contact management setup. I did read in this group somewhere, for 
example, that an import into an Outlook folder involving user-defined fields 
(which there would be many) is not necessarily straightforward. Any 
information like this that can help me assess difficulty of implementation 
and ongoing maintenance would be great.

Thanks much.

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