(revised) INSTALL BCM - uninstall BCM - install BCM - still no BCM



  • 1. outlook 2003 business note
    When I want to create on new business note for account: 1) the print out entry"Phone Call". 2) Start end end are wrong. I checked the date in time on control panel and it is okay. How can I correct those problems? I am using outlook 2003 business contact manager and it is not shared. Thanks for any help
  • 2. BCM Update made things worse
    Hi all I installed the Office 2203 Update and SP for BCM and it has made (the already cumbesome) mail merge worse. I had been using a Word Document for delivery instructions to our haulier by dropping in the customer name & details held in BCM by editing the recipient list. The update has somehow mismatched the datafields so that now the "Account_Name" and "Primary_Contact" fields are blank and worse still there is no replacement! The "First_Name" and "Last_Name" fields are now an mixture of the company name rather than of any contact. It's all over the place really. I really really want BCM to work because I put a lot of effort in setting up all the accounts and contacts etc but it's a bit of a mess for a program by such a high profile company. Are they going to release an update that would make it workable? Thanks Rebecca
  • 3. Importing notes from ACT!
    How do I import into Outlook, notes that were previously saved in ACT! contact management software? The notes were saved under each individual contact.
  • 4. Outlook 2003 BCM book?
    Anyone like to recommend one from experience? I find a book with a good index better than help files. TIA.
  • 5. Outlook tutorial
    Is there a tutorial for Outlook 2002? I read an entry where someone had used one written for Outlook 2000. If one exists for '02, please let me know how wto find it! If not, does anyone have a recommendation as to how to learn to use Outloook, especially how to convert from an ISP mail client (Earthlink)? -- Thanks a million! Sincerely, Leslie

RE: (revised) INSTALL BCM - uninstall BCM - install BCM - still no BCM

Postby RHJpeA » Fri, 07 Apr 2006 00:27:02 GMT

An Addendum - 10 minutes later) 
I just went into the DATA FILE MANAGEMENT setting on OLK (outlook) and added 
BCM.  Like before - it installs it but there is NO TOOLBAR so I cannot 
restore - move - or add contact to my old BCM contact database. (from a 
previous version of outlook).  SO - my problems are reduced to ADDING THE BCM 
TOOLBAR to the top of my OUTLOOK 2003 window.
I have the OUTLOOK CONNECTOR showing but no BCM.  thanx again - in advance - 

Re: (revised) INSTALL BCM - uninstall BCM - install BCM - still no BCM

Postby Frank Kurka » Tue, 11 Apr 2006 06:45:26 GMT

I had what I think is a similar problem ..

I kept reinstalling, repaiiring, updateing, etc. with no changes to the menu
bar for Business Tools ..

What I had to do at the end was to look for a menu item "tools/ install add
ons" (I think)

Even though the product had been "activated" it was still listed in the add
on choices to be done

 .. after doing that .. It showed up in the menu bar and was perfectly

Unfortunately, the "install add ons" choice seems to have disappeared
afterwards so I can't confirm it and give exact steps.

It seems to go away when everything works right.

Don't give up ..


advance -

CD 2
sigh... 2
(pro) and
but w/o

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