Connecting to BCM 2010 Shared DB on SBS 08 Server



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Connecting to BCM 2010 Shared DB on SBS 08 Server

Postby UmFq » Tue, 11 May 2010 23:58:01 GMT

I am trying to upgrade the BCM from 2007 and have he following issue.
The tool works fine creates the DB, restores the 2007 data an upgrades the 
The uisers have been given access.

However the SQL Express 2008 shows a region on US English and the clients 
are UK(British) English.  So the connect database is gryed out as the error 
message indicates cannot connect to data with a different region.

I have tried changing the database language to British but the clients still 
cannot connect to the server to use BCM 2010 data.

How can this be resolved as this did not happen with 2007.  I am using teh 
full release versions.

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