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    Hows does the sharing work in regards to the database owner being offline? The documentation refers to it being a peer to peer network update. In my mind that means something like Groove which has no requirement for anyone to be online. When I watch the demo for BCM all I see happening is that the MSDE database gets shared. If thats the case doesn't the database owner have to be accessiable all the time for anyone to read or update information? Can anyone shed any light on this?
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    I am saving BCM as an Excel file so that I can use it for a special postal mailing program authorized only by the postal system. When I view the excel file, everything is okay, except that the address is in one column. I need to have each part of the address in it seperate column. Is there a way to accomplish this rather than moving over the information one at a time?
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    In my Address Book, I get both an e-mail address and the business fax niumber for all Contacts in my Contact list. I want only the e-mail address. If I delete the business fax number from the Address Book, it is also deleted from the Contact list. How do I filter out the business fax number from appearing in my Address Book? -- Thanks for your help Dick P
  • 4. export and import
    I backed up my Business Contacts Data from version 1 and it saved it with a .MSBCM extension - not sure why. I am trying to import the data into Business Contact Manager version 2 and it will not allow me to do it because it is looking for a .BCM file extension. I have tried to rename the file to have a .BCM extension instead of .MSBCM but it does not work. Can anyone help?
  • 5. dropping passwords
    In my Outlook 2003 from Office Pro edition: I constantly get the email failure pop-up and another window asking to confirm my password, despite the fact that i've checked the box on a number of occasions to remember my password, . this happenes no less than 30-times a day. I've even tried to go back and reconfigure the whole thing, hit "apply" and yet it continues to happen. how can i get this thing to remember the password without pestering me for it all day? it worked fine since i put it in in '03!

Account Flags

Postby Guy » Thu, 09 Feb 2006 22:33:05 GMT

Is there a way to set or reset the follow up flag for a group of accounts?



Re: Account Flags

Postby Tim P via » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 09:09:40 GMT


Eventhough the follow up flag reminder feature appears on the form of an
Account record, this is not supported and does not work for any BCM item.
These reminder flags will only work with native Outlook records that have
them and not an add-in like BCM.  This resulting confusion can be a real
crazy maker because one would logically wonder why in the world the feature
appears on the form and yet does not function?  The likeliest answer is that
all of the BCM record items were derived from original Outlook form templates.
Some of this cobbling together during BCM's initial design may have resulted
in some oversights that left some details like the flags in place without
supportive function.  Outlook and BCM share common appearances in their
linked records within the same UI but not everything works the same among
these similar looking items.  Lack of more attention to detail has been one
of my main design critiques of BCM as it seems to have been hastily
constructed and released as "good enough" for now. (Still beta anyone?) Your
type of question has been posted many times. 

Enough speculation about why this situation exists and onto a possible

My best recommendation for setting a reminder follow up flag for either an
individual or an entire group of Account Records would be to create an
Outlook Task record with an appropriate Subject designation and then just
link each Account record in the lower left Contacts field of the task record.
You can then set the Task reminder field accordingly to fire off a follow-up
prompt as needed.  Additonally, by using linked tasks you can sort and group
your views of these a million different ways in order to see what is coming
ahead and plan for it as needed.  Again, to summarize, I would recommend
creating a reverse-link "FROM" the native Outlook Task Record "TO" the BCM
Account Record.


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Re: Account Flags

Postby R3V5IExhcGllcnJl » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:22:27 GMT

I understand your response but I actually use the flags on the account now 
and they function quite well for me. Let me explain.

I set and reset the flag on an individual basis on each account. I send out 
direct mail pieces to accounts on a regular basis and I switch the flag to 
let me know that they have been sent. I use the flag because I can sort by it 
while displaying a custom list of accounts for direct mail. Once I have 
reached the end of the list, I can reverse the sort order and begin the 
process again setting the flag to the opposite setting. 

I thought of using categories for this but you can't sort by them. Unless 
you can think of a field I can modify for a group of highlighted accounts at 
once? The fact that you can't customize the forms in BCM doesn't help either 
or else I would just create field specifically for this purpose.
Guy Lapierre
Forefront Business Solutions

Re: Account Flags

Postby Tim P via » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 13:46:10 GMT


I guess I didn't understand exactly how you were using the flags.  My
reference was with the flagged reminder feature popping up and alerting you
to the flagged item.  This is supported only in the native Outlook records.
Using the flags simply as markers for your individual Account Records and
sorting them as you are sounds like it works well for you.  I still can't
think of a group way of doing this outside of what I have already recommended.
Perhaps that will change in the near future.


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