Running BCM database from a SBS 2003 server



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    I've just installed the trial version of Office Professional and I'm getting an error "Could Not Initialize CLR" when I try to create a database using the data file management tool in Outlook. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    This is half on-topic, but the half is very relevant to BCM- finding things is as important is imputting them I asked this question in the WDS group and there some cricket in there and not much other activity. Q: How do I successfully move the location of the database? Im sure all of you use Windows Desktop Search as it integrates fully with Outlook BCM 2007. I goto Options:Advanced: "Select New" for the location, and even after saving, shutting down, restarting, etc., the "current location" never updates to the "new location"... Im using the latest v 3.01 Any help would be truly apprectiated
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    When I start Outlook 2003, I get a message saying: "Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not complete your last action or actions. Please try again." The blue header on the error message says "BUsiness Contact Manager for Outlook" When I go to the "Contacts" tab, all my contacts are there, and I can add new ones, edit old ones and delete any I want. When I push the mail tab, everything shows up normally and I can compose, read and delete e-mails. The problem arises when I push the button on the "To". "CC" or "Bcc" button. Then I get the following error message: "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook." The blue stripe above the error message identifies it as MS Word. If I type in the address, the e-mail works fine. It even autofills. I'm using XP Home with all updates as of this morning, Windows Office Pro 2003 with all updates as of this morning. I use a fully implemented Windows Live Care, and also use Ad-Aware, Registry Mechanic. I did a full virus scan at midnight last night (the problem has been going on for two days) and I do a full Ad-Aware scan about three times per week, yesterday afternoon being the most recent. Any help greatly appreciated.
  • 5. BCM shutting down over and over and over and over
    Well, I thought I finally made it through one day without BCM locking up and shutting down. But I made the fatal mistake of trying to update one more contact before going to bed. I entered a name inthe search field and hit enter and BCM shut down and sent off the prerequsite report to MS. If it has done this once since the 07 upgrade it has done it 500 times. Is there a fix onthe way? Jim

Re: Running BCM database from a SBS 2003 server

Postby soeyken » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:00:23 GMT

i Chris or Raul,

I'm also interested in the white paper ;o)


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Re: Running BCM database from a SBS 2003 server

Postby Raul » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 03:54:15 GMT

i All

Here is the link

Hope this helps
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Is it possible to create a BCM database on a client computer then move it to
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to that? I know there is a dull CRM package (MS CRM 3.0) but many of my
clients do not need this full functionality but it would be useful to store
the database in a more central location.

As far as I am aware, BCM uses the MSDE version of SQL. SBS 2003 R2 uses SQL
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