Win7 x64 - Outlook 2010Beta x64 - BCM 2010 x64 does not install



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Win7 x64 - Outlook 2010Beta x64 - BCM 2010 x64 does not install

Postby RC5Td2VldA » Sun, 03 Jan 2010 12:34:01 GMT

Working on a fresh installation of Win7 x64 and office 2010 x64. Trying to 
install BCM 2010 x64. Install starts fine and does an restore point, then 
proceeds to install MS SQL 2008 Express. When fiished it whats a reboot to 
continue. After reboot Installationcontinues but starts installation of MS 
SQL 2008 Express. The system does have MS SQL 2005 Express installed.

RE: Win7 x64 - Outlook 2010Beta x64 - BCM 2010 x64 does not install

Postby T2xpdmllcg » Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:45:01 GMT

Same problem here with win7 64, BCM x86
BCM 2010 tells to restart. after restart, installation launches again, goes 
to the same point and say "need to restart to continue installation"


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I had version 14.0.4734.1000 installed (employer is partner), but it expired. 
 I uninstalled without any problem via the control panel, and even followed 
the office 2007 manual uninstall instructions afterwards (deleting the 
remaining registry keys, after checking that there were no msi packages left 
to unistall, which there weren't).

The install of the beta goes without any problem, but initially every Office 
application would crash upon running.  The problem module being 'mso.dll' 
which was left over from the RTM install and not deleted by the uninstaller. 
I deleted this dll and had the beta do a repair.  Now the applications start, 
but the menu tabs are corrupted as well as all of the various ribbons and 
menu text.  For instance, there are no 'File' menus, just a tab that says 
"Opening" which does nothing when clicking on it.

I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled the expired RTM.  The RTM works 
perfectly, but is expired.

It would seem that the RTM install makes file modifications that are not 
reverted during uninstall, and these changes are not overwritten by the beta 
during its installation, thus creating a kludge of beta and RTM file versions.

So, how can I cleanly remove the RTM as if it were never on my machine 
(including file versions/time stamps), and install the beta and have it 

Thank you.

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HP dz9000CPO dual core x64 notebook
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