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  • 1. Attach a file to a Project
    I am evaluating MS Business Contract Manager to see if our company wants to change from Goldmine and had a few questions. Can I attach an excel file or any other type of file to a project. If so where do I go in projects to do this. Can I create a new business contact from an e-mail received and have it upload information from the e-mail to create a new contact. If so where do I do this while viewing the e-mail. -- Thanks, Doug
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    When in account view, my list of business contacts has Job Title as the first tab and while I can see the title of all my contacts, I can't see their names. I know it is probably an easy fix but I've not been able to discover how. Any help appreciated.
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    How can I or can i view all the eamils to and from for a business project, Business Contact or Account? I am wanting to be able to view a project and from there be able to click somewhere to bring up all the email i have sent the customer and that he has sent be. i have found information about to go to the history but i am not able to find the emails i have sent. but i have to go in and do it one by one and do it. I was hoping this can be done anytime i get an email in from that customer.
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    tried importing contacts x Lotus Organiser 6.1 but field mapping problems ; exported some as Vcard (vcf) - now when i try to send out a vCard from Outlook i am getting a Lotus contact Vcard icon/symbol ( i think) next to the contacts name.vcf in the attachements box of the E mailer . This can only be opened by my Lotus Organiser Password !!! Can this be rectified please ? NB == If i forward the card in Outlook it has the correct Outlook symbol .
  • 5. E-mailing from BCM does not allow attachments to go
    When I use BCM and go into a contact and try to send an e-mail if I attach a document to the e-mail the intended person will get my e-mail's but will not get my attachements. If I just e-mail the same person out of a regular e-mail (not through their contact account) and add the attachement they will get the attachment just fine. Any suggestions.

RE: Add contact to Business Contacts in Business Contact Manager f

Postby QnJldCBbTVNd » Fri, 23 Mar 2007 08:31:00 GMT

If the manual way of doing it that Monica describes does suit your needs, 
there is a quick way to add a Business Contact from an e-mail.  Especially if 
you want to add many at a time, in a few clicks.  The method is a little 
obscure, but here is how:

1. In your inbox's list of incoming (or any other) mails, right click the 
2. Then select "E-mail Auto-link".
3. A dialog box pops up with all of the addresses in the mail.
4. The ones that you currently do not have a Business Contact for have 
"unknown" in the column.
5.  Select the one(s) you want to make into Business Contacts and click OK
6.  The Business Contact has been added, and will have its e-mail autolinked 
as well (which can then be turned off again if you don't want it).
7.  Now fill in the rest of the Business Contact information as appropriate, 
as Full Name and e-mail address are already populated in the Business Contact.

Thanks for your interest in Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

Bret [MS]

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