BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?



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BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby SmVmZg » Mon, 06 Jul 2009 23:06:01 GMT


This is a follow-up question to one that I wrote last night concerning using 
the .mdf and .ldf files from a previous installation of BCM to get most of my 
data back.

I have received an error which states "Unable to open the physical file.... 
.mdf. Operating system error 5: "5(Access is denied)" when I attempt to 
troubleshoot the problem from within Outlook.

I remember when I logged on the backup image file to mount the backup on the 
external hard drive, and then copy the two files above from the image file to 
a location on the local hard drive, a window pops up that states that I will 
need to provide administrator permission to copy each file. I click continue, 
and it is copied.

If I look at the security section of the properties window for each file, I 
see that there is an entry for 
"SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$NewTechFX530$MSSMLB1(NewTech....)" on the files which 
are part of the image backup file. But, when I copy the files over to my 
current boot drive, there is no longer a reference to that group or user 
name. (The groups and user names listed are: "SYSTEM", "NETWORK SERVICE", 
"Jeff (NewTechFX530\Jeff)" and "Administrators (NewTechFX530\Administrators".

I am trying to muddle my way through this... so pardon my thought process if 
it is wrong. Based upon the fact that SQL is not referenced in the copied 
group or user names, should I be doing something with SQL to add it to get 
these files to work on this system? (It is the same system, I just restored 
the boot drive from a much older backup image. The computer name and the 
permissions should all be the same.)

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.


Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby Luther Blissett » Wed, 08 Jul 2009 00:49:57 GMT

Generally, with BCM 2007 and Sql Server 2005, the sql instance/bcm
database runs as built-in user Network Services, so user Network
Services needs to have permission (full control) to access the mdf

Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby SmVmZg » Wed, 08 Jul 2009 11:38:01 GMT

Hi Luther,

I believe that your suggestion regarding permissions to the NETWORK
SERVICES, I changed the permissions on both the .mdf and .ldf files to allow
Full Control.

(In case anyone else is searching for an answer to this problem, the
following is the order in which I worked to restore this database:

1. Start Outlook
2. Open Business Contact Manager
3. Select Manage Databases
4. Create New Database
5. Close Out of Outlook
6. Stop the SQL Service for MSSMLBIZ
7. Change the permissions for NETWORK SERVICES on the .ldf and .mdf files
which have the data desired for access by BCM.
8. Rename the .ldf and .mdf files for the new database created in 4. above
to something different.
9. Rename the .ldf and .mdf files for the "good data" to the database name
created in 4. above.
10. Start the SQL Service for MSSMLBIZ.
11. Start Outlook
12. Click the Business Contact Manager Pull-Down
13. Select Manage Database

With everything above completed, the database should be listed. I hope this
helps. Also, please forgive me if it doesn't work exactly the same for
everyone. The NETWORK SERVICES that Luther mentioned are about the only thing
I didn't try... in the order listed above. I did change the permissions
earlier in my troubleshooting; but, I think it was after I had started the
SQL service.)

Once I confirmed the good contact information, the first thing I did was
generate a backup.

Thanks again for your help, and for taking the time to point me in the right

Take Care


"Luther Blissett" wrote:

Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby S3VydA » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 03:17:01 GMT


I encountered an almost identical scenario - i upgraded my box to windows 7
and forgot to backup my BCM db. Now, I have followed the instructions in
this thread - from my windows.old copy of the .mdf and .ldf.

However, the database still gives me permission issues (as the local user
with admin permissions).

Any futher thoughts on how to simply restore my previous .mdf and .ldf? My
new .mdf and .ldf are empty - i just want to populate the data.

"Jeff" wrote:

Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby SmVmZg » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 04:59:02 GMT

i Kurt,

The method that I described worked for me, although I still have an issue
with the installation.

One other factor that may have allowed BCM to work once the good data files
were renamed to the name of the newly created empty database, was that I
changed the permission for NETWORK SERVICES for the .ldf and .mdf files
BEFORE I renamed them and attempted to open them with BCM. I changed them to
"Full Control/Modify/Read/Execute". (Luther had previously suggested looking
at the permissions; I just wasn't sure what I was doing exactly.)

When I restart Vista, and then start Outlook with BCM, I get a message when
Vista starts stating the following: "Business Contact Manager for Outlook
could not connect to the shared database. Do you want to work offline." I
choose "No". Outlook then opens without a BCM drop-down.

I then shutdown Outlook and restart. When Outlook restarts, there are no
message windows, and the BCM database that I restored in the manner described
in my previous post works.

I hope this helps. It would be great if you could let me know, too.

"Kurt" wrote:

Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby S3VydA » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 09:31:02 GMT

i Jeff,

Thanks for the note. I tried the additional instructions as well. I'll
admit - i'm not really sure why I'm changing all the permissions, nor, why
the permissions change automatically when i move or rename the files.

However, the error I'm getting now is "Business Contact Manager for Outlook
could not complete your last action or actions. Please try again."


"Jeff" wrote:

Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby S3VydA » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 09:34:01 GMT

see an additional message when i try and look at other databases "A
network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a
connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible.
Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to
allow remote connections. (Provider: Shared Memory provider, error: 40 -
Could not open a connection to SQL Server)

"Kurt" wrote:

Re: BCM Database and SQL Server Issues?

Postby SmVmZg » Sat, 18 Jul 2009 05:49:02 GMT

i Kurt,

I can imagine you are as frustrated as I was... so I am happy to offer
whatever advice I can.

But, I am even less an SQL server expert than I am a BCM expert. I sure
don't want to mislead you, or recommend something that will make your
situation worse.

I know there are posts here which discuss making sure the SQL server service
is running; but, it sounds like you may have already been down that path.

It sure isn't the right way to do it; but, it took me three tries at
creating a new database and then renaming the .ldf and .mdf files from the
good BCM information before things "worked" for me. (It still isn't right
that I have to shut down Outlook and then restart it each time I restart my
system in order for BCM to work; but, that is the reality at the moment.)

I feel more than a little abandoned by those with much more experience in
both of these areas. There is very little help from those who I would suspect
are capable of sharing their expertise. I know it may not be their policy to
post here; but, I would expect some help from Microsoft. (Maybe BCM is a
product that won't be around much longer, or maybe the number of licensed
copies is so small that it doesn't matter to them.) I generally get much
better support on other software vendors' support forums than I do MS...
which really surprises me.

Good luck with your problem.

Take Care


"Kurt" wrote:

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