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  • 1. Emails not auto linking in BCM 2003
    Emails used to auto link to Business Contacts but won't anymore unless the email is generated from the Business Contact record. I tried reinstalling BCM but that didn't help. Any ideas why or how to fix? Thanks!
  • 2. Networking issues
    We are a small company with two computers connected to a router, configured as a small "workgroup network" where thay can access allowed files on each others computers and such. We recently installed BCM and want to use it to handle our business info, but I can't get the "Share database" function to work. We have computer one (C1) where "the boss" works and it is the computer where the database will be. There are two assistants sharing computer two (C2), taking turns you could say. Each one has separate accounts and no one uses passwords (although I've tried giving everyone passwords and such, just to get it working). On C1 I set up the database and start sharing it. The list only shows local accounts so I add the account name for the two assistants on C2. Then on C2 I start setting up the database according to instructions, enter the name of C1 and press "connect" (or whatever the english version says). It then asks me to verify password - I give it the temporary one plus the local one of the assistant currently logged in (blank when the assistant hasn't had a password, but also tried giving one out and entering that one). I just get the message that C1 "can't change the password" and I get nowhere! I've tried to work around it in all ways imaginable to me, but no progress whatsoever. Very frustrating! Any suggestions? /Robert Lindblad
  • 3. ERROR - "The operation cannot be performed..."
    Hello, I just installed Business Contact Manager on Outlook 2003 and every time I start Outlook, I get an error dialog titled "business contact manager" which says "The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted." Outlook will run, but this message pops up every few minutes. Has anyone else come across this error after installing BCM? Any ideas?
  • 4. Contact shows in Business Card View but not in Address Card view
    Unsure why this is happening? Any suggestions how to fix this? Thank you!
  • 5. how to customize business contact manager for real estate use?
    I'm struggling a bit trying to figure out how to use BCM in a more full method than I used Outlook's Contact feature. I do have a highly customized form that, apparently, I can't import or duplicate in BCM ??? I sense that if I could get most of this information into BCM, I can take advantage of some of the linking features offered there. So, my questions are: *'can' I import my existing form? * if not, is there a way to really customize the existing form, or must I just add fields? (many of the fields on my existing form contain drop down lists or check lists for multiple choices) * is there a demo somewhere than can help me understand a bit more about how BCM might work in a real estate situation? * also, is there something that might help me figure out how to coordinate this with Groove (that looks interesting too, but I can't figure it out yet) Thanks!!

Outlook/BCM 2007 to Outlook/BCM 2003

Postby UmFpbmU » Sun, 20 Aug 2006 03:49:01 GMT

I installed Outlook/BCM 2007 and need to go back to Outlook/BCM 2003.  I have 
tried opening the Outlook/BCM 2007 database in Outlook/BCM 2003 and it does 
not recognize it.  Can anyone help?

Re: Outlook/BCM 2007 to Outlook/BCM 2003

Postby Leonid S. Knyshov » Sun, 20 Aug 2006 10:10:27 GMT

The data structures are quite different. You can export contacts as VCF 
files probably or something like an Excel file, but I don't think you can 
simply open a backup of your 2007 database in 2003. :-) I have not tried 
that yet, so it may well be possible.

This should help 
 http://www.**--****.com/ #1
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Crashproof Solutions, LLC -  http://www.**--****.com/ 
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'MSBusinessContactManager.msbcm'. It was not password protected. After 
picking the 'OK' button, I get the message:

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4.Outlook BCM 2003 to BCM 2007 - Lost All Contacts

So when I isntalled the new BCM 2007, I did not backup my business contacts.  
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I recieved an error that the database migration was unsuccessful so I just 
created a new database.  I have tried to switch back to what I believe to be 
my old BCM 2003 contacts, but I receive the same migration unsuccessful 
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5.(revised) INSTALL BCM - uninstall BCM - install BCM - still no BCM

An Addendum - 10 minutes later) 
I just went into the DATA FILE MANAGEMENT setting on OLK (outlook) and added 
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restore - move - or add contact to my old BCM contact database. (from a 
previous version of outlook).  SO - my problems are reduced to ADDING THE BCM 
TOOLBAR to the top of my OUTLOOK 2003 window.
I have the OUTLOOK CONNECTOR showing but no BCM.  thanx again - in advance - 
"Drix" wrote:

> HI - whew - please help me get my OUTLOOK w/bcm to show my BC's again.
> I excitedly have the fat 2 disk set of OFFICE SBM 2006. It works but for the 
> BCM (the second most important part after email).  In increasingly desperate 
> attempts to get it to function correctly, I read and did most of what was 
> suggested here in this forum.  I put in CD ONE to put in OUTLOOK, put in CD 2 
> to added BCM (and accounting) and after several attempts of install and 
> un-install and re-install I got it to work - BUT with NO TOOLBAR. sigh... 2 
> days full of frustrating hours I have NO BCM, NO TOOLBAR and NO MORE CLUES as 
> to what to do. 
> PULEEEEZE TEAM MS - help me get back to work here.  
> FEEDBACK CLUES: The registry (as in another post) says: REGDWORD (3) and 
> I've done ALL of the updates.  BIG CLUE - I also re-installed WINXP (pro) and 
> noticed it added me (log in name) twice, once as DRIX (primary) and NOW I'm 
> DRIX.millhouse (my network) with my other programs still listed there but w/o 
> functionality to them. (sigh again...)  PULEEEZE help me kidz - im losing 
> time - patience - AND the names/numbers to MY CLIENTS!!!!!!! (yikes!) 
> THANX - I'll be here waiting for your holy words of cure.  
> Drix

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