Importing "other contacts" into a Word document



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Importing "other contacts" into a Word document

Postby UXVpY2tRdWVzdGlvblF1ZWVu » Sat, 01 Dec 2007 04:11:02 GMT

I have access to my boss's contacts as "other contact" and am having a hard 
time importing these contacts into a Word document.  I can do this no problem 
with my own contacts, but my boss's contacts does not appear as an option to 
import from, when try to import from Word, or even export from Contacts 
(Outlook) into an Excel sheet.  

My boss has me as an owner level as far as authorization to the access.  

What can I do?

Re: Importing "other contacts" into a Word document

Postby Luther » Sun, 02 Dec 2007 02:43:48 GMT

On Nov 29, 11:11 am, QuickQuestionQueen

I'm somewhat confused. Are you or your boss using BCM or just Outlook?
If the former, do you and your boss have private BCM databases or is
one of you a shared user of the other's BCM database?

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