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  • 1. how do I DELETE A USER from the shared database?? HELP..
    We are using Outlook w/BCM. I have several users setup. I accidentally entered one wrong and I cannot delete it. I know I can uncheck the box but this is not solving my problem. How do I REMOVE/DELETE the user from the shared database??? I cannot find anything on the subject.
  • 2. Restricted Access Levels in BCM 2007?
    We are new to this product, and wish to install it in our 25 employee organization. We have sales executives that need to access a shared database of contacts, but we wish to restrict views of sales leads, so that a given sales executive can only view the records, or opportunities assigned to them, and not view everyone else's sales assignments. Is this level of security available? Thanks!
  • 3. Outlook with BCM buggy...Is there help?
    Since I installed Outlook with Business Contact Manager almost a year ago, the system has been completely buggy. I spent hours (if not days) on the phone to technical support with no luck. I'm about ready to give up and try another program all together. Can anyone help. Here are some symptoms: 1. Almost never shuts down without a problem and "restarting Outlook". The only thing that works is to just cancel the restart. 2. Many times, the email preview panel doesn't work. 3. Now, I can't add attachments. Note: Diagnose is completely useless, always finding no problems. Is there a repair menu item hiding somewhere? At least when 2003 had problems you could do a sort of quick reinstall. Is it just Outlook or is the problem Outlook with Business Contact Manager? Why aren't these programs integrated so they have less bugs? ---- After leaving this message yesterday, I decided to put in the original disk and I found the repair option. It cranked for a while, but I experienced the same problems at shutdown again.
  • 4. Emails deleting after sending after BCM installed
    I'm a new user to BCM (Office 2007 on XP). After using a generic email I've set up in Outlook to continually reuse and allocate a folder to save the sent file in, I've found that if you look in the folder as you send it you can see the email save into the folder and then shortly afterwards it deletes. I'm then unable to find the email or any reference to it. It is embarrasing having to ask for the email to be sent back so that i have a record. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. -- Requesting assistance for MS Business Contact Manager
  • 5. Instant Search feature does not work in BCM 2007
    Instant search works brilliantly in an Outlook Contact, but not in a Business Contact. Also, when i do a seach for a contact, the search results will not find my contact. Again, this is only in BCM not in Outlook contacts. However, i can see in the bottom left of the screen that it has found say 5 items, but does not display them. Quite often i have to clear the search and type in exactly the same name for the contacts to display. I have tried hitting the enter key and clicking on the compass to search, but neither works.

Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager Action Pack

Postby QW5nZWwgU290bw » Wed, 09 Apr 2008 02:55:01 GMT

In the "Customizing Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business
Contact Manager for Technical Services Providers" read the use from a files 
samples in the "Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager Action Pack" WHERE 

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