Activating BCM Report Features



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    Hi: I use to do a backup of the database on a regular basis, but now can't complete the backup process. An error is shown just afte starting the backup "Errors during the backup. The backup stoped" Does anybody have the same problem? how could I solve it? Thanks in advance
  • 2. how can i leverage business contact manager and exchange?
    M company uses Exchange, we also use - I am not high on SF.COm b/c its an online service. I have a CD for BCM, is it worth loading and running? I want to create opportunites and track contacts in each independant opportunity - thoughts/feedback appreciated.
  • 3. BCMUsers Group Missing from Local Groups
    I'm trying to run BCM V2 and SBA 2006 with Limited User Rights. But the Local Security Group, BCMUsers, is missing from my Local Groups list. So BCM will only work properly when I make myself a Local Administrator. I've aleady uninstalled and reinstalled BCM/SBA and just, plain BCM several times. I've deleted the MicrosoftSMLBIZ SQL instance. I've rebooted several times. I've been doing the install as a Local Administrator. I see no sign of a "MicrosoftBCMSQL" instance, or anything like that. It appears that MS is using the MicrosoftSMLBIX MSDE engine for BCM and SBA. In this last install (just plain BCM Update, and the BCM SP1), Outlook 2003 kept giving errors during the "finishing the final BCM install steps....". BCM now seems to be working...but, still, no BCMUsers group. And, I imagine, it still won't work if I try logging in as a limited user. Any hints on how to get a "BCMUsers Group" to magically appear in my local security groups? Thanks, Myron Johnson RTA InformationTechnology Tempe, AZ
  • 4. Reg:Object reference not set to the an instance of an object
    Hi All There has been a lot of people in the news groups who have encountered this problem.Unsure as to what cause the issue as of now but any one of these steps normall should resolve the issue If you are running BCM V1 doing a uninstall and reinstall should take care of the issue or upgarding to BCM V2 should also do the trick Hope this helps -- With Regards Raul Thomas
  • 5. object reference not set to an instance of an object
    I am receiving an error in Outlook everytime I try to view my contacts that says, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" it then shuts the business contact manager down and sends and error report to Microsoft. The only thing different is I installed all the updates for Office 2003 and also synched my Samsung i730 using Microsoft ActiveSync.

Activating BCM Report Features

Postby Um9k » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 07:06:01 GMT

Are we able to activate the modify report features for all reports?
Rod Auton

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