re-installing BCM after getting new motherboard



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re-installing BCM after getting new motherboard

Postby R3JlZ2dQ » Sat, 16 Sep 2006 13:30:03 GMT

I'm having trouble installing Business Contact Manager after replacing my 
motherboard (the old one failed).

I've reinstalled Windows XP Professional - no problem. I decided to do a 
clean install. Before swapping out the hard drive, I backed up everything on 
my C:drive to another drive. Then I installed XP and told it to reformat the 
C:drive. Like I said, it was a clean install.

Then I installed Office 2003 Professional Edition - worked fine.

Then I installed all of the updates, to make sure I had SP2 and all of the 
Office apps. up to date.

Next, I installed Business Contact Manager, followed by the updates, etc. 
Then I tried installing Small Business Accounting 2006, but it wouldn't let 
me unless I removed 'Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact 
Manager Update'.

Now I'm confused... I've been through several installs and removals trying 
to get this to work. When I run Outlook 2003, Business Contact Manager does 
not appear in the menus. I can add the Business Contact Manager database and 
then go to the contacts to view accounts, etc., but the main form doesn't 
appear. And, Business Contact Manager still doesn't appear in the menus.

Any ideas on how to sort this out??


The I installed Business Contact Manager 

Re: re-installing BCM after getting new motherboard

Postby Luther » Sat, 16 Sep 2006 22:44:21 GMT

Hmmm, maybe it is the wrong type of motherboard. Did it say it was BCM
compatible? :-)

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> un-install and re-install I got it to work - BUT with NO TOOLBAR. sigh... 2 
> days full of frustrating hours I have NO BCM, NO TOOLBAR and NO MORE CLUES as 
> to what to do. 
> PULEEEEZE TEAM MS - help me get back to work here.  
> FEEDBACK CLUES: The registry (as in another post) says: REGDWORD (3) and 
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> Drix

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