Outlook with BCM installed on SQL server cant connect to database



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Outlook with BCM installed on SQL server cant connect to database

Postby Kirk Conway (Nectar) » Fri, 27 Feb 2009 16:54:16 GMT

Can BCM 2007 client access a shared database hosted on SQL2005 on the same 
machine client installed on?

I know this should not normally be done, but have new client who has one 
remote user who is the MD who uses an RDP session to thier SBS 2003 box to 
work.  He does not want to have an extra desktop PC for his sole remote 
access, or a Terminal Server when he's the only remote user.

The BCM database is on a custom instance/database on the SQL, but when 
trying to connect to shared database, using the same details which work on 
the workstations, it can connect and shows the database name.
But when we click Next we recive
"Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not complete your last action or 
actions. Please try again."

In the event viewer we recive :
Event ID 17207
FCB::Open: Operating system error 32(error not found) occurred while 
creating or opening file 'C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local 
Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Business Contact 
Manager\MSSmallBusiness.mdf'. Diagnose and correct the operating system 
error, and retry the operation.


Event ID 17204
FCB::Open failed: Could not open file C:\Documents and 
Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Business 
Contact Manager\MSSmallBusiness.mdf for file number 0.  OS error: 32(error 
not found). 

Re: Outlook with BCM installed on SQL server cant connect to database

Postby Joe » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 04:37:40 GMT

I don't have a definite answer, but Outlook and Exchange should not be 
installed on the same machine as there is a conflicting dll issue, see 
I've no idea whether this may be involved in the problem.

Presumably SQL Server is configured to listen on localhost. Certainly a 
standalone BCM installation on a PC uses SQL Server and has no problem 
talking to it.

You are obviously aware of the risks of letting users near servers, and 
you may like to point out to the client that SBS is not licensed for 
remote access for any purpose except server administration, and that 
nobody should ever be running applications anywhere as a domain admin. 
Also, a cheap headless workstation will cost less than a server rebuild.


Re: Outlook with BCM installed on SQL server cant connect to database

Postby Luther Blissett » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 08:27:31 GMT

Ensure that the login sqlserver.exe is running with (typically
"Network Services") has permission to Read/Write folder 'C:\Documents
and Settings\%username%\Local
Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Business Contact
Manager\ and the mdf file.

Re: Outlook with BCM installed on SQL server cant connect to database

Postby Kirk Conway (Nectar) » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 18:50:28 GMT

I think I need to provide some more details, as I notice I didnt include 
them in the original post

In BCM select an existing database we put the computer name as:

we then click connect, and can see the database name - BCM1
It's when we then click next that we get the error.

I'm not sure why it's trying to link into local settings.

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