What are limits on custom fields (how many, etc.) in BCM ?



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    I find that Email Autolink only works sometimes. I use it to link emails I receive to difference Business Projects. I try to be careful to check both the email address in the first tab and the relevant Business Project in the second tab. On many occasions, however, even after I have done this, I find that the next email I receive from the same address is not linked to the Project, as it should be. I have the feeling (but have not conducted a real study) that if I link the FIRST email I receive from a new contact to a particular Business Project, Email Autolink tends to work, but if I try it with later emails, it does not do so well. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong or have not done right? -- Bill Mack
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    I had Office 2003 installed on my machine. Excfel would not open so I installed XP. Once that was done, I could not open my outlook. I then removed the Office 2003 and tried again. No luck. I feel really stupid about this, and I dont know what to do, I cant open my emails or even get into the program. Please help!!!
  • 3. Outlook '07 w/ BCM
    Please help me. I am trying to learn how to use BCM for my boss. Everytime I go into BCM, I get a pop up msg saying: "BCM for Outlook could not complete your last action or actions. Please try again later." I have tried exiting the program and restarting, I have tried rebooting, I have tried look on Microsoft and when I type in my error msg, it pulls up 2 more that have nothing to do with my msg. Please help me.
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    To capture a large number of contacts' data from business cards, I have scanned and OCRd the data using Scan Card. It captures both the data and an image of the card. I'd like to attach the actual card image for each contact rather than (or even better, in addition to) the electronic image of a psuedocard. Does anyone know how to make Business Contact manager automatically capture this as I import the data? I suppose I could manually attach each image after the data has created a Contact, but it will think it is a picture. If I do that and later want to add a real picture, will it cause a problem?

Re: What are limits on custom fields (how many, etc.) in BCM ?

Postby Luther » Wed, 03 Sep 2008 01:59:27 GMT

On Aug 29, 6:53m, WestCoastFan

I believe the limit is 40 per folder.

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1.What are limits on custom fields (how many, etc.) in BCM ?

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Can I add unlimited fields and types? Where can I learn more about these 
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Sorry, just a beginner brand new to BCM. 

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If what I am asking is not possible, that is all I need 
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could be pointed in a direction where I can find an 
answer, that is what I need.  

I understand that Outlook does not support custom fields, 
and I have been able to get around this by using the 
process of copy and paste described in the Jumpstart 
book. I have created a few forms that work perfectly 
using this technique... but at the same time, a few that 
are very frustrating. Every time I think I have found an 
answer, a new wrinkle appears.  I have created a custom 
form, and it uses text fields that cannot be limited to 
255 characters.  Within the form itself, this is not a 
problem, but when the form is returned I move it to a 
folder, and the contents of the folder will be exported 
or copied into a database.  I have been able to copy the 
data to Excel or Access, but no matter how I try, the 
fields that contain more than 255 characters get 
truncated.  If I hi-lite the contents of one field and 
copy, then paste into one cell in Excel, the data is 
intact... but when I select the whole record and copy, 
when I paste into Excel, the data is truncated.
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limitations that a custom form has?  

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