Sharing BCM database on SQL 2000 Server



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Sharing BCM database on SQL 2000 Server

Postby VHJhY3kgSG9mZm1hbg » Fri, 08 Jun 2007 03:00:00 GMT

I installed BCM 2003 on on XP computer, shared it and then copied it to our 
SQL 2000 server.  I enable dnamed pipes and TCP/IP to use port 56183.  
However,  when I try to connect my users to the database they can not locate 
any databases on our server.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Myron Johnson 
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"So what it is doing is losing newly saved information. I noticed it first 
when I would change what account a business contact was linked to. I would 
save and it would think for a minute and complete the save. However, when I 
went to see if it linked it to the new account it had done nothing. It is 
progressively getting worse. I am now noticing it in almost every area. I 
have also seen it do the exact same thing to accounts and business contacts 
when I: linked an email, added information to comments, changed a spelling 
typo, changed or added a category, etc. Every time when I went to try it 
again it would eventually work correctly, but sometimes it is on the second 
try and other times it takes 3 of 4 times. So far I haven noticed it 
completely loosing accounts or contacts, but there is so many I not sure if 
I would notice one gone. It all seems to be when things are being edited. 

Also very often when I have generated a list that I am editing items from 
the list will disappear and it will say nothing to display. An example is if 
I am in business contacts and have it arranged by categories and I open and 
change something in a contact, when I save it will bring me back to the 
original list but when I try to scroll to the next one the list disappears. 
To scroll I have tried to use my mouse, the scroll bar, and the arrows on the 
scroll bar. Nothing seems to make a difference. I have even tried to click on 
the list when I returned, thinking it trying to move me to a different area 
but it also didn help. I have to go to the accounts list and then back to 
the business contacts list to make it work. Sometimes my list will be the 
same, sometimes it is not. It seems to me the problems could be related 
because I am always editing when it goes crazy. But on the other hand, no one 
but John has been using CRM other than me editing, and he isn using it that 
much. I did ask him and he has not encountered the same problems. Sorry to 
give you such a tedious problem but I just scared it may cause big problems 
when everyone starts to use it. Please let me know if you need any more 
clarification or if I can help because I understand that issues like this 
aren always easy to find the source of."

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I am new to BCM, so my question may be a little be basic.

I am IT Manager for a mid-size company.  Couple of weeks ago, we moved
a desktop machine from a room to another and discovered, out of a
sudden, that people in the sales departement were not able to access
their BCM anymore.  We then understood that someone had instal the
software on this inapporpriate machine.

So last week, we decided to move BCM on one of our servers.  I first
tought that BCM was a standard client-server software, the SQL
database acting as the server part.  When I took a deeper look at the
desktop where the central database is located, I found that only a
small package of SQL Server was installed.

My questions are :

1. Is BCM a standard clients-server application (outlook = clients and
SQL = server) or a peer-to-peer application made of many outlook
instances ?
2. Can I install BCM database on a SQL Server instance and have this
instance deliver data to outlook clients
3. If so, do I need to install BCM on the "server" machine or can I
just mount the BCM database on the SQL Server?

Thank you for your help,

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