Outlook 2007 / Internet Explorer Script Errors



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Outlook 2007 / Internet Explorer Script Errors

Postby RnJlZA » Sat, 12 Sep 2009 03:56:37 GMT

In outlook 2007 w/Business Contact Manager - when I go to the "Start Page" by 
clicking on the tool bar button looks like a house, I get the following erroe 

An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line 1 / Char: 52840 / 
Code: 0 / URL:  http://www.**--****.com/ 
Do you want to contunue running scripts on this page / Yes | No

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An Error has occurred in the script on this page.
line: 28
Char: 1
Error: Class not registered
Code: 0
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
Yes or No
Doesn't matter which one selected
Click on send/receive and get
Microsoft Outlook not implemented.
Tried repairing, diagnostics etc - No Joy.
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to continue running scripts on this page?  That is followed by a box to 
select "Yes" and another box to select "No"

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